Above Ground Liquid Spraying Systems

Install Aboveground Home Wildfire Defense Sprinkler Based Spraying Systems To Help Reduce the Risk of Loss on Your Property.

GET PROACTIVE™. Our approach is to harden (prepare) structures before an event occurs, based on an assessment of your property's unique risks.

Remove the risk of easy ignition

Recent research indicates that two out of every three homes destroyed during wildfire events was the result, directly or indirectly, of wind-driven hot embers. Our trained installers look for opportunities to retrofit roof, gable end, soffit, and crawl space vents with Vulcan Vents and remove combustibles away from building structures. They are trained to use backpack cannons to spray our fire inhibitor at least twice during the season’s hot dry months on dry vegetation, decks, patio covers, garden bark, and fences. For added protection, we train contractors how to install our self-powered rooftop Locked-N-Loaded sprinkler system, equipped with our non-toxic, eco-friendly fire inhibitor.

Our best practices include:

  • Retrofitting roof, gable end, soffit, and crawl space vents with wildfire resistant vents, a key step in our No Short Cut program.

  • Then install our patent-pending Locked-N-Loaded™ rooftop sprinkler system When homeowners are told it’s time to evacuate, they turn on the system to saturate their home and surrounding area with our eco-friendly MFB-31 fire inhibitor. Once a contractors is done with a system installation, Mighty Fire Breaker personnel will check it, charge the system with our clean safe chemistry, and tag the unit. We then come out once a year to help ensure the system is ready to defend in the event of a wildfire.

  • Closing in the underpinning of wooden decks that are attached to homes, to help prevent dry vegetation from getting trapped underneath.

  • Spraying our fire inhibitor in areas around the home that pose the greatest risk—twice a season, during hot months—to help reduce the risk posed by dry vegetation, patio covers, decks, garden bark, and fences.

There are no guarantees in any wildfire defense, but the more proactive we get, the better chance we have of reducing your risk of loss during a wildfire event.

Underground Liquid Spraying Systems

Install Underground Automated Sprinkler-Based Wildfire Break Creation Systems Wherever Needed to Reduce the Risk of Loss

When triggered The Mighty Fire Breaker® System will automatically spray MFB-32 Citrotech® fire inhibitor over specified ground cover and native fuel on the property , instantly forming a protective environmentally-clean chemistry wildfire break or zone, engineered to inhibit fire ignition and flame spread when hot flying wildfire embers arrive.

The MFB Wildfire Defense Systems can defend entire communities, vineyards, forests, tree stands and highway wildfire exit corridors, and it can do so now. What makes it so easy to install a “Global Wildfire Science Breakthrough” is not just the tank monitoring, plumbing and remote activation with smoke detection, it’s the MFB-31-CitroTech® fire inhibitor chemistry.

This fire chemistry is the safest the world has ever known, and we can bury the storage tanks of chemistry because it never has to be stirred or re-blended; it does not fall out or separate over time.