About Us:

Providing Environmentally Safe and Sustainable Solutions for Proactive Wildfire Defense

Mighty Fire Breaker LLC (MFB) is a leading provider of environmentally safe and sustainable solutions for proactive wildfire defense. Our portfolio includes EPA Safer Choice Certified Citrotech® Wildfire Inhibitors, mobile and stationary spray application systems, and GPS-tracking, recording and mapping technologies that support intelligent proactive wildfire defense management practices.

Our Mission:

To bring sustainable chemistry to firefighting that lowers the risk of property loss from Wildfire, Arson, and Accidental fire without harming human health, animal life, our air, and our Water.

By promoting proactive fire defense, we aim to help shut down fire advance, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants. Because our products contain no phosphates or ammonia, they will not contribute to nutrient pollution, which the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) characterizes as “one of America's most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems, with far reaching impacts on human health.”


Steve Conboy, Founder, President and
Chief Technologist

Steve Conboy is the founder of  Mighty Fire Breaker, LLC. Previously from the building and lumber industries, he has pursued fire science for the last 16 years to invent the MFB-31 fire inhibitor. Steve is a nationally recognized early fire elimination technologist, having won the Connect in San Diego and the Edison in Chicago. He contributed key intel for Avalon Bays IRMI Innovation Award for Early Fire Elimination. Steve invented and patented a cost-effective program to fire defend 5-story wood framed, high density housing projects, being used today by top national builders today to defend against accidental fire and arson on job sites during construction. The program has defended over 15 million square feet of living, from coast to coast. Steve sold that patented program to fund his patent efforts and development of his wildfire defense program.

• Steve is the inventor of Citrotech® Liquid Fire Inhibitor, perhaps the safest chemical fire inhibitor the world has ever known. It is safe when used around humans, animals, and the environment, based on ingredients deemed to be safe by the USDA, EPA, and ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). The ingredients are eco-friendly, sustainable substances used by the food industry. Steve is also the inventor of many patent protected methods of and apparatus for applying fire inhibitor in a proactive manner that that ensures effectiveness, accountability and sustainability for our society and environments.  Steve’s passion to defend human exposure to chemicals stems from the fact that his father died from exposure to chemicals that his father was told were safe while serving in the Navy. 

• Steve Conboy is also an award-winning innovator, and a huge supporter of carbon neutral building methods. His goal is to use applied fire science to reduce the risk of property loss while reducing toxic greenhouse gas production from wildfires. His approach to wildfire risk reduction is to harden (prepare) structures before a wildfire event occurs, based on an assessment of each property's unique risks.  

• Steve has worked in the lumber and building industry for more than 45 years, starting as a union carpenter in New York. He was nominated and assigned to the District Export Council Division of the U.S. Department of Trade and Commerce and the International Trade Association. As a respected authority for carbon sequestration, he has spoken twice at the United Nations and World Trade Conference. He has written a Carbon Tax Credit Bill for fire treated lumber and a Wildfire Defense Act that would reward property owners who implement his proactive, GPStracked wildfire defense program.

Steve teaching his grand daughter about the earths beautiful flowers

Mighty Fire Breaker Support Team

Mighty Fire Breaker is carrying out its Mission around the world with great passion and the support and dedication of many talented individuals having deep experience in the fields of applied science, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales, operations, customer service, finance, business development, and regulatory, corporate and intellectual property law.

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