FACT: During controlled burns carried out to reduce the amount of dry native fuel on the ground that wildfires can feed upon, and thus reduce the risk of wildfire outbreak, it is well known that birds and squirrels, horses and cattle, small animals, farm animals and wildlife alike panic, while many bugs, worms, birds and butterflies die.

FACT: During controlled burns to reduce natural fuel, it is also well known that many species of plants, flowers, and vegetation, including grape vines, olive trees and fruit trees growing on neighboring gardens and farms, are often destroyed and/or their vitality harmed by uncontrolled flames, and/or otherwise damaged by smoke produced during such burns.

FACT: When conventional fire retardants are dropped from planes in an attempt to extinguish and/or suppress a raging wildfire, it is also well known that fish, aquatic life, small mammals, as well as horses and cattle and other forms of wildlife, are often sickened and/or killed by the chemical drop, while the health of humans, pets, and many animal species are put at risk and/or compromised when exposed to conventional chemicals used in wildfire retardants.

Because the health, safety and welfare of human, animal and plant life, living within our natural environments, is very important to us and matters greatly, we chose to design, engineer and produce all of our proactive wildfire inhibiting products using our patent-pending environmentally-clean, green, safe and sustainable fire inhibiting chemistry – branded Citrotech®.

Indeed, we are very proud and honored that our MFB-31 Citrotech® fire inhibitor is certified by the EPA Safer Choice Program, the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Greenguard Gold® Program, and the UL Product Lens™ Program, and is deemed non-toxic and non-hazardous ,meeting all of the strict requirements of California’s Proposition 65 - the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.

Also, we have peace of mind knowing that our MFB-31 Citrotech® fire inhibitor provides several other important benefits and advantages to the world over, described below.

First, our MFB-31 Citrotech® fire inhibitor has recently passed California Aquatic Bioassay Testing and 90 Day Trout Toxicity Testing conducted by independent testing laboratories, demonstrating that it is safe for use around fish and aquatic lifeforms.

Second, our MFB-31 Citrotech® fire inhibitor, when sprayed on surfaces to be proactively protected against wildfire, forms ultra-thin potassium salt crystalline coatings that not only protect against fire ignition, flame spread and smoke development, but also do not interfere with carbon-dioxide and oxygen gas exchange on the epidermal surfaces of living plant tissue. This is very important when MFB-31 Citrotech® fire inhibitor is sprayed on property grounds growing agriculture and horticulture.

Third, because all of our Mighty Fire Breaker® Citrotech® fire inhibiting products have been designed, engineered and formulated using our patent-pending green-chemistry, based solely on US EPA Safer Choice Chemical Ingredients, we have peace of mind knowing our fire inhibiting products are environmentally-friendly and sustainable. This means our Citrotech® fire inhibiting products can be used, year after year, without adverse effects on the health, safety and welfare of human, animal and plant life, living within our natural environments.

By choosing Citrotech® fire inhibiting chemistry for your proactive wildfire defense needs around your home, business, town, county and/or state, and not using outdated chemical technologies, you too are making a safer choice and telling the entire world that you care about the health, safety and welfare of human, animal and plant life living within our natural environments – because these are precious things that should matter greatly to all of us, now, and for generations to come.

For these reasons, Mighty Fire Breaker (MFB) supports some controlled burns during Spring, before the Wildfire Season, when seasonal rainfall significantly reduces wildfire risks. However, once the Wildfire Season starts, we believe all controlled burning should be stopped. Also, those same groups that conduct controlled burning of dry native fuel on the ground should start spraying MFB-31 CitroTech® wildfire inhibitor on dry native fuel on the ground, as a safer native fuel reduction practice than controlled burning conducted during the Wildfire Season, so as to reduce the same type of wildfire risk that controlled burning reduces when practiced during the Spring.

We thank you for choosing Mighty Fire Breaker® Citrotech® fire inhibiting products, and supporting our mission to deliver innovative environmentally safe and sustainable fire defense solutions for everyone around the world.