Liquid Fire Inhibitors

MFB-31-Citrotech® (Ready to use) Liquid Fire Inhibitor

Mighty Fire Breaker® MFB-31 Citrotech® Adds the first-line of defense to the bones of your home and property against hot flying wildfire embers.

Homeowners who have had their homes and propery sprayed with MFB-31 Citroteck® and have included a Wildfire Defense System which sprays and saturates the structure and its surroundings, before an imminent fire arrives, have radically reduced the risk of a fires ability to burn as pictured left. Being proactive makes it safe because it is ready when needed giving you you peace of mind when asked to evacuate.

MFB-34-Citrotech® (Ready to use)

Mighty Fire Breaker® MFB-34 Citrotech® adds the first line of defense to the bones of your home with fire protection.

Building with lumber is still the best way to build because it is natural, eco-friendly, inexpensive and sequesters carbon like trees in our forests do,while supporting a healthier ozone layer and world. Most importantly when lumber is mold and fire protected it can last for hundreds of years while continuing to support a greener environment.

Sprayable Fire Mulches with Citrotech® fire inhibiting chemistry

Mighty Fire Breaker adds MFB-34-CitroTech® Fire Inhibitor to Eco Wood Mulch for creating Long-Lasting Firebreaks to Make Wildfire Exit-Corridors Wider and Safer .

They contain no MAP and DAP fertilizer, no phosphate, and no ammonia. We use only food grade ingredients so as not to contribute nutrient pollution to the environment, which the EPA believes can affect vital ground water and drinking water sources, posing serious public health threats to humans and aquatic life. Fire-defended Eco Wood Mulch sprayed on dry native vegetation helps defend it from wind-driven ember ignition and helps shut down fire’s ability to advance.

Our MFB-31 fifire inhibitor is not a fire retardant. When recycled wood and paper Eco Wood Mulch is blended with MFB-31, the mulch helps defend our fire inhibitor chemistry from UV light and rain.

Hydroseed companies can buy directly from Mighty Fire Breaker. Just pour in liquid MFB-31 when blending your mulch with water, and you are ready to deliver long-lasting firebreaks around and under power towers, transformers, communities, and wineries and along rural roadsides used during wildfire evacuation.

Let’s get proactive together. Help support our firefighters even before a fire shows up.