Mighty Fire Breaker® Accredited, Certified, Fire Technology
UL GREENGUARD™ Gold Certified. Non-toxic to plant, animal and human life


An American Award Winning Fire Innovation is out to support our Government is addressing our homeless encampment with a sustainable approach with Fire resilient Tiny Homes especially in Wild Fire regions of the US.

Built with the safest and most advanced fire defense products in the building industry by completing nature science of sequestering carbon by Fire treating the lumber so the carbon is never released back in fire.

Our tiny homes for are also out to make things safer for our Firefighters sent into burning encampmentsWe promote early evacuation.

Many homes could not be saved by firefighters who were either unprepared, having lack of access and precious water sources or quite frankly just overwhelmed.

Building with lumber is still the best way to build because it is natural, eco-friendly, inexpensive and sequesters carbon like trees in our forests do, while supporting a healthier ozone layer and world. Most importantly when lumber is fire protected it can last for hundreds of years while continuing to support a greener environment.