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Complete Home Defense Program

Mighty Fire Breaker Makes A Wildfire Defense Program Affordable To All Property Owners Not Just For The Rich Like Some Insurance Industry Providers Provide With Its Just In Time Private Fire Fighters.

Our training program and videos teach property owners and contractors how to install our Locked-N-Loaded roof top sprinkler system. We also teach how to retro fit all roof, gable end, soffit and crawl space vents with Vulcan Vents. Our training video teaches how to remove combustibles away from the building structures and how to use our backpack cannons to spray our fire inhibitor at least twice during hot dry months. When our fire inhibitor is sprayed on dry decks, patio covers, fences, wood-chips and dry vegetation its removes the risk of easy ignition better than any other chemistry being used and sold today.

Our Locked-N-Loaded System can be activated from long distance remote locations so when a property owners think there home or vacation home is threatened they defend there property without being there.

Price: $6 500.00

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Complete Home Defense Program

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