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Mighty Fire Breaker™ Do It Yourself 5 Gallon Pail

5 gallon sealed pail per order of our fire inhibitor chemistry. It is weighed for the exact amount needed to blend with 5 gallons of water so it's always exactly the same as our ASTM test results. When we fill our pails in our quality assurance program, they are supported by Chain of Custody shipping documents to the property it is going to be used on.

Never dilute by adding more water than the original 5 gallons. We want what you spray to have the best chance of stalling a wild fire's ability to advance. We highly recommend you use the Invatech Mosquito Fogger Backpack Sprayer because it really drives our fire inhibitor chemistry into the dry vegetation wild fires like to advance on. You can buy these on Amazon for $399.00

Price: $400.00

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Mighty Fire Breaker™ Do It Yourself 5 Gallon Pail

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