Save Cali Home Fire Defense System

M-Fire’s award winning Mighty Fire Breaker™ clean fire inhibitor chemistry is the best fire elimination chemistry on the planet today. Our clean safe chemistry inhibits easy fire ignition on anything it is sprayed on, even when its dry to the bone it will be clinging ready to defend. We are award winning national fire elimination experts out to try and defend California buildings from this new wild fire threat.

The house pictured above is just another typical So Cal vulnerable hillside home that we are out to try and remove the wild fire threat hoping the insurance industry lowers premiums on armed and defended homes. Being prepared ahead of wild fires could save your home, especially if you live within a mile from dry hillside vegetation. Embers can glow as hot as the fire from which they arise, and are light enough to be carried by the wind for long distances without being extinguished. They're the primary reason properties go up in flames whenever a wildfire is nearby. If you wait, it’ may be too late, because counting on overextended fire professionals to save every home in time can be risky. Install Mighty Wild Fire Eliminator system in advance before you need to evacuate because it could save you home.

Our Mighty Fire Breaker Eliminators high powered sprinkler head is mounted above roofs and dry hillsides and only when you are asked to evacuate you turn your system on. The pumps are backed up by solar lithium power to insure power outages do not remove your wild fire defense system from doing it job when called upon.

Our Clean Fire Chemistry uses water as the delivery agent and the chemistry solids left dry are clinging to vegetation and the structure ready to remove the advancing energy of a wild fire by breaking the free radical chain. Again our goal is to help you not only defend your home from wild fires but also from sky rocking insurance premiums.

Let us help you Remove the wild fire threat and high insurance premiums as we work together to try and save you assets.
For more information contact: Steve Conboy, (909) 519-5470 or

There are no 100% guarantees in any fire defense and if you run across a company that makes those claims- run. We are all about applied fire science, supported by 3rd party accredited laboratory test results to lower your risk of loss. Just like seat belts will not guarantee loss of lives, but sure do save many, we expect our chemistry will save structures, when it's there before a fire shows up.

If you have lost your insurance or your premium has increased run this system past your insurance broker and ask them if this system will reinstate or lower your policy premium.

By becoming more proactive with clean fire inhibitor chemistry we will be helping our brave firefighters that are putting there lives on the line to save us and our homes.

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