Mighty Fire Breaker® Accredited, Certified, Fire Technology
UL GREENGUARD™ Gold Certified. Non-toxic to plant, animal and human life


Old unprotected wooden poles throughout all of the western US communities are a serious design flaw that causes more loss of communities and also helps excellarate the fires when they come down from fire and electrical lines spark more fuel.
Until they are proactively protected they will continue to cause more loss. Vegetaion the grows arounfd and up the poles that eventually dry out during warm months helped by dry Santa Ana winds make these poles vulnerable all the time.
Pole Armor is safely added to the poles and can last for many years.
As we approach the power companies to defend the pole design flaw we are asking our government to lower the risk with Pole Armor, lowering the risk considerable is good for business as it also takes much of the burden from needing FEMA assistance.
Power companies and alike , need to step in now, as they did in California, after the Northridge Earthquake by retrofitting freeway overpasses which had majir design flaws.
Pole Armor us made with 2 sections of steel made with cutting edge protected, stone-coated,which gives the fire defense armor a significantly longer service life than typical galvanized metal. And its color is pleasing to the communites it defends.