Mighty Fire Breaker™ NFOG-1A Is Out To Defend The Future Of Our Environments With Applied Science Tech

NFOG-1A, a revolutionary, new, patent-pending, dry powder, fire extinguishing technology based on Mighty Fire Breaker’s“CITROTECH,” can be used anywhere hydrocarbon fuel-driven fires occur.

NFOG is a unique safe waterless and solvent-less cleanup concentrate that works on oil spills -- regardless of whether on land, rocks, sand, water or salt water. It is safe to use to clean animals. NFOG is hydrophobic (does not absorb water), and removes any oil, fuel, grunge or sheen from all surfaces. It is one of the most valuable cleanup/environmental tools for the safety of our beaches and oceans. Neither OSHA nor industry have any issues with daily human contact; it is not attracted to mucus membranes. (The Safety Data Sheet is attached, under its former product name of Krudz, which also clearly states that it is not carcinogenic.)

NFOG is the only bright white concentrate in the world of oil-only absorbents. The compound is a byproduct of aviation parts manufacturing development used in factories for decades. Some spills happen slowly or continuously; NFOG shows exactly how far the spill liquid has supersaturated the NFOG. It boosts the micro-encapsulation and sheen-removal results of all absorbents regardless of delivery method. Its weight makes it viable for deployment by hand-held cannons or other distribution methods as dictated by the customer.

NFOG attaches itself to any liquid or viscous oil on contact. It also floats for days so that once it encapsulates the oil on a microscopic level, resulting waste materials for removal floats and is easy to capture. In summary, oils and fuels of any type combined with NFOG are extremely easy to filter from the surface of the water.

NFOG-10A can be rapidly applied to flammable, liquid fire outbreaks of any size, using dry powder discharge equipment suitable to location and situation. NFOG-10A can quickly extinguish hydrocarbon fuel fires AND reduce smoke development, while absorbing hydrocarbon liquids, including those driven by gasoline, diesel, and polar solvents (ketones and alcohols).

This innovative, fire-extinguishing technology containing proprietary, green biochemistry was invented by M-Fire Holdings LLC. NFOG-10A makes it possible to successfully attack Class B, C & E (BCE) flammable liquid fires while reducing the environmental impact from aqueous-filmforming foams with it’s one two punch. First we put out the Fire with our biochemistry fire inhibitor than we spray to absorb the toxins.

Mighty Fire Breaker® Accredited, Certified, Fire Technology
UL GREENGUARD™ Gold Certified. Non-toxic to plant, animal and human life

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