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Steve Conboy


About Steve

Steve has been involved in the lumber & building industry for more than 45 years, starting as union carpenter in New York. He was nominated and assigned to the District Export Council division of the US Department of Trade and Commerce and the International Trade Association. As a respected authority for carbon sequestration he has spoken twice at the United Nations and World Trade Conference. He has written a Carbon Tax Credit Bill for fire treated lumber and a Wildfire Defense Act to reward property owners that invest in a proactive GPS tracked wildfire defense system and program. 

Steve is a very knowledgeable lumberman when it comes to wood structures and lead reforestation tours for Architects and Builders when he was a Technical Rep for TJI. Today he is one of the top resiliency advocate and expert in proactive wildfire defense. His goal is to use applied fire science to attack climate change on all fronts to reduce toxic greenhouse gas production and CO2. Steve has taken fire laboratory test results into more fire training centers all around the US to prove to more fire officials than anyone that there are new ways to shut all fires down faster.

M-Fire Holdings provides applied fire science to its licensees like Mighty Fire Breaker with the safest and cleanest fire inhibitor chemistry that can defend all types of wood-framed projects and his patent protected Locked-N-Loaded proactive wildfire defense system and program that lower risk of loss for property owners and insurance providers.

Steve is an inventor and an award winning innovator and a huge supporter in carbon neutral building methods especially since fire defended stick frame and mass timber wood structures can become fire protected carbon storage banks.

Steve is the inventor of what could be the safest biochemistry fire inhibitor the world has ever known because his drive and passion is driven to defend humans exposer to chemicals because his father died early form being exposed to chemistry he was told was safe when he was in the Navy.

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Jeff Bowman


About Jeff

Jeff Bowman is a retired Fire Chief for the Orange County Fire Authority. Under his leadership, he managed a department of 72 stations, 1,277 personnel, covering 23 cities and unincorporated areas of Orange County, CA.

He also serves on the Scripps Health Board of Trustees, appointed to the Board in 2004. He has served on hospital system boards for the past 18 years and has significant insight into quality, culture, and leadership. Mr. Bowman retired as Chief of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department in 2006. Prior to his San Diego appointment, he was Fire Chief of the Anaheim Fire Department for 16 of the 29 years served with that agency.

Mr. Bowman served as President of the California Fire Chiefs Association and the Orange County Fire Chiefs Association, and was appointed to the State Board of Fire Services by Governor Pete Wilson in 1997. He has served on committees of the National Fire Protection Association and the International Association of Fire Chiefs. In 2004 Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed him to the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission to address statewide fire and emergency issues. He also has served as a technical advisor and consultant to several fire service-related companies.

Mr. Bowman was tasked with managing San Diego Fire-Rescue resources during the October 2003 Fire Storms which devastated San Diego County, and was subsequently appointed to co-chair the San Diego Regional Fire Prevention Emergency Preparedness Task Force by the Mayor of San Diego and the County Board of Supervisors. He received community recognition for his management of the 2003 Fire Storms and was named “Fire Chief of the Year for 2004” by the Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association.

"Throughout my career I have emphasized succession planning at all levels to ensure a solid continuation of leadership. In fact, while at the OCFA I created a division in the organization with the specific responsibility to accomplish that: I’m not aware of any public safety agency that has ever done so. Leadership responsibility is a gift; perpetuating it is a mandate.

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Steve Cassidy


About Steve

Stephen Cassidy was the longest serving President of the Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York (UFA) in its 100-year history.

He was first elected to the position in August 2002 and is the only UFA President in the union's history to be elected directly out of a firehouse. In 2016, Cassidy resigned his position as UFA President to serve as the executive director of the New York City Fire Pension Fund.[1]

In 2018, following his arrest for driving while intoxicated and possession of a controlled substance, New York City Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro removed Cassidy from his position as executive director of the New York City Fire Pension Fund.[2]

Steve Cassidy sees the value in Mighty Fire Breaker's early fire elimination, especially in it's proactive wildfire defense system and program. Skeptical at first, however after witnessing the product demonstration live has become one of the biggest supporter of Steve Conboy and MFB for many years.

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Steve Meleen

Vantera Partners

About Steve

Steve co-founded Vantera Partners LLC in 2003. a corporate financial advisory firm and merchant bank in Newport Beach, California. He has 45 years of experience in operations, finance and business creation with emerging growth, private and public multinational companies. He is a California licensed CPA (inactive status) as part of Arthur Andersen’s Los Angeles entrepreneurial division practice. Steve’s 12 years of international operating experience in Asia, Europe and Middle East. In 1973 he moved to Singapore with an aviation group of companies as Assistant General Manager after 5 years as an Air Force pilot in C-141’s pilot and Special Operations in Vietnam.

Steve has participated on merger teams representing acquisitions totaling over $600 million of enterprise value. He has completed 55+ corporate financing transactions on the “buy” side and 28 on the “sell” side, and he has obtained over $400 million in debt and equity financing for middle market companies on his client projects. In addition to the corporate financings, he completed over $200 million of commercial real estate financings on the buy side. From 1973-1978 he co-founded three companies in Singapore and Malaysia; sold 1978.

Meleen was the Chief Operating and Financial Officer of the Marciano family holdings (Marciano family holding trusts and Southwest Pacific Investment Co.) from 1986-1992 which included the apparel, footwear and retail companies- Guess, Guess Retail - formerly MGA, and numerous secondary branded companies. Responsibilities included operations, financings, tax and strategic planning, capital asset management and real estate.

He served five years in two corporate management positions with Santa Fe International, Inc. 1981-1986, at that time the world’s largest oil drilling contractor famed for directional drilling, fluid-flow engineering and off-shore construction. Santa Fe was taken private by Kuwait Petroleum in 1981, after which he worked on assignments in Kuwait and internationally.

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Heidi McRae Ashton

Santa Cruz

About Heidi

Heidi has a unique ability to visualize the big picture while demonstrating the ability to be the boots on the ground to make it happen.

35 years managing Fortune 100 Corporate projects and high end residential and commercial construction management experience.

Marketing, public relations and executive communications positions with: Atari, Digital Research, Western Digital, 3com, Palm, Cisco Systems.

Owner of Ashton Leighton: A Pebble Beach, California construction management, research and planning consulting company.

Cisco Systems: Project manager and executive communications specialist with budget responsibility range of $1 – $20 Mil. Responsible for high visibility projects such as Nobel Prize 100th Anniversary Partnership. Organized and ran the Cisco customer CTO roundtable with Tuck school of technology at Dartmouth and Rich Karlegard of Forbes. Resulted in positioning Cisco as a true leader with their largest customer base and excellent industry best practice white papers.

Kimpton Group, SF: Managed the general contractor, architect and engineers for their high end restaurants and hotel construction management resulting in on time and within budget results.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing: UCSF extension program Advanced level 3 day event equestrian and former race horse exercise rider.

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Liz Wood

Chief Financial Officer

About Liz

Elizabeth Wood has 25 years of experience applying outcome-oriented systems thinking to catalyze change and growth in start-up, closely held, small- and mid-sized private and nonprofit organizations in San Diego, California.

She is a certified public accountant, certified information technology professional and certified fraud examiner who has brought people, process, controls and technology solutions to entities in media, esports, nonprofit government contracting, professional and personal services, and financial services.

Wood served as a key executive team member in 11 startup/new ventures and has proven experience managing remote teams. She served as managing partner of several limited liability companies and has overseen over $14 billion of transactions conducted in highly-regulated environments subject to complex U.S. and foreign financial, tax and compliance requirements. Wood earned her Bachelor of Arts in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology with Minors in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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Rob Kramarz

Vantera Partners

About Rob

Mr. Kramarz is a non-profit founder, serial entrepreneur, fractional-CFO, investment advisor, angel investor and venture capitalist with a particular interest in organization development – the human side of finance. Above all, he’s a realist with a bias toward what works in the real world.

He’s been a member of AAAS, San Diego Venture Group, OCTANe, Tech Coast Angels, Connect, Octane and LA Venture Association and the San Diego Biocom Capital Committee. Through the non-profit Intelliversity and Vantera Partners, he and his team advises innovators in obtaining capital and scaling by making sure the founding team can execute in the real world. He often takes on the role of fractional-CFO for innovative companies. Going forward, Mr. Kramarz will be one of the managing partners at American Jobs Fund, offering VC funding to support innovation by betting on the founders.

Mr. Kramarz has an on-going interest in helping to launch non-profits engaged in science or medicine. For example, he is currently Chairman of the Board of the Brain-Body Research Institute and Executive Director of Project Jericho (a planned medical diplomacy facility in the Middle-East.) Mr. Kramarz takes on such projects not only for management fees but to communicate that science (including medicine) can be a unifying cause for all mankind.

Through Intelliversity, Mr. Kramarz provides access to a faculty of innovative world-class advisors such as Board of Advisors Chairman Arthur Lipper, the man who popularized royalties as a means of business finance, George Kenney founder of VC fund Shepherd Ventures, Rick Barrera, author of Collaborative Selling, Stephie Althouse PhD, creator of “Brilliance Extraction,” Anne Sandberg, specialist in management assessment and Leonard Chaikind, longtime director of Shell Oil’s pension plan, the man who invented the idea of “private equity”

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Joe Fiore


About Joe

“Joey" is a creative conceptual artist, designer, writer and director. For the past 35 years, Joe has been creating innovative concept and design solutions for well-known iconic brands across many catagories, such as Apple, Miller Brewing, Nike, Dunkin Donuts, Wendys, Coke, Pepsi, Snapple, Dom Perignon, Moet & Chandon and Johnny Walker amongst many others. His award winning marketing and advertising campaigns have received numerous industry awards for both print and television and his work has been featured in countless publications and design annuals, both nationally and internationally.

A graduate of the prestigious H.S. of Art and Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, Joe has enjoyed the priveledge of working with some of the world’s greatest talents in his field, from Jay Chiat at Chiat/Day ( Apple computer, Nike, etc.) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jay_Chiat) Massimo Vignelli at Vignelli Associates (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massimo_Vignelli) to Bill Backer at Backer Spielvogel Bates (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Backer).

As a recipient of many awards in his field from Cannes to Clios to Gold at the Houston Film Festival, Joe’s most endearing compliment was from Bill Backer, founder of Backer Spielvogel Bates who wrote in his memoirs about Joe’s design for the “Billy Awards” (gold award modeled after Mr.Backer's famous bow tie given to top creatives throughout the agencies 147 global offices.) Mr. Backer simply stated the design “was the most clever he had ever seen.” To Joe, Mr. Backer’s words of appreciation truly matter, but more importantly, was the special relationship that developed over the years. The main character from the show Mad Men was directly inspired by Mr. Backer.

Joe is an accomplished painter, sculptor, industrial designer and has also written 2 feature films that have been optioned in Hollywood.

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Curt Cumei


About Curt

Curt has worked in the video production industry for approximately 35 years as a video production teacher and owner of three production companies (President of NJ Discover, Universal Media and MV Digital Productions, providing expert camera, editing and production services to Cablevision, Comcast and Fios.

His work has appeared on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, NBC, CNN, ABC, EWTN, TBN and National TV advertising campaigns. He is currently producing a weekly TV series. "Show Us Everything". on News 12 New York Tri-State area. As principal of three local channels in New Jersey; Cablevision channel 77, Comcast channel 190 and Fios (channel 44) his work is well respected by the major networks.

Curt has successfully produced several TV segments in the past couple of years to help promote fire prevention and expanding the message to the masses by creating high production value video and deliver it to the world by sight, sound and motion. Certified with the FAA Drone Operator.

M-Fire Holdings Provided personal and professional contacts to help support M-Fire Holdings vision. Produced high production quality videos to professionally present M-Fire Holdings demonstrations and podcasts.

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Mark DeWitt

Nor Cal Technical Representative

About Mark

Born and raised in the San Francisco east bay area. Graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1976 with a BS degree in Conservation of Natural Resources with an emphasis on Political Economics of Natural Resources.

Junior year of college attended World Campus Afloat, Chapman College. The university ship studied around the world my focus was Natural Resources and Africa.

Associated of Students University of California Campus Travel Center, Manager
Owner Adventures Aloft Valley, the first hot air balloon business in Napa Valley.
Co-founder, Napa Valley airlines, part 131 charter flight service
Co-founder Adventures Aloft Kenya Ltd, First hot air balloon operation in East Africa.
Airline experience, SFO Helicopters, Suntrips
15 years with Rotary 15 years, Wheelchair Foundation 44 years in the hospitality and real estate business in Northern California. 25 years with Safari West Wildlife Reserve and Tent Camp.

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Shaun Stephen Conboy

Chief Technical Officer
GM -Factory Production

About Shaun

Shaun is a seasoned Carpenter in framing and finish work, he has been involved in running large track home and high density tall wood framed buildings. He has worked in the building industry and applied fire science for 15 years and is a very seasoned chemical technologist.

He was the first person to spray and install our fire protection on 5 story high density wood framed housing projects in NJ, Boston and Oakland. Shaun built and installed every fire demo set in all the Fire Training Centers around the US to prove our ability to eliminate fire fast.

Shaun is very quality assurance driven and the perfect man to run our chemical packaging. This young man is a father of a 2 year old and he wants to support science that will attack climate change to defend this planet for future generations and his daughter.

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