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MFB Is Training Builder Pros In Eight States To Become The Best In Proactive Wildfire Defense.

  • We are not Firefighters what we do helps them and we promote Early Evacuation.
  • We are not Private Just In Time Firefighters we install wildfire defense long before wildfires arrive because we support the real Firefighters that don’t want them out during events.
  • We are the best in documented wildfire defense to reduce the risk of loss for the Insurance Providers seeking to reduce property owner premiums.
  • MFB founder invented the most cost effective early fire elimination program for 5 story wood framed urban infill housing projects now being used from coast to coast by national builders that supports lowering risk premiums during construction.
  • MFB-31 is not a fire retardant you can buy in a big box store we are the safest and most environmentally friendly fire inhibitor chemistry that will out perform in early fire elimination and foam, gel or fire retardant sold today and are ready to prove it.




Field Representatives



Please forward resumes to info@mightyfirebreaker


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Steve Conboy


+1 909 519 5470


Help Us Save Historic Healdsburg

September 18, 2021
A Tribute to Mayor Jeff Foppiano
Whole House Locked-N'-Loaded Demo
Healdsburg, CA
Downtown Park, Healdsburg

‘At a Glance’

We are ready to make a difference.

Mighty Fire Breaker™ and its patent-pending MFB-31 Citrotech™ chemistry is the safest, eco-friendly, food-grade and powerfully effective fire suppressnt in the world. Rigorously tested and proven by Underwriters Labs, awarded UL Greengaurd Gold - safe around children and the elderly; QAI tested with a flame spread of 0 (zero)- giving it the distinction of Class A and awarded IRMI Institute award for safe and effectiveness. The MFB31 family of products are designed to be used Proactively, applied out of harms way before a fire event and one application can last for months* ready to defend any wildfire event. Lumber protected with MFB-31 renders the lumber fire protected and MFB-31M (mold defense) protects lumber from Mold permanently.

Citrotech™ technology is clean, safe using only food grade ingredients and as little as 90% less water to apply yet powerful enough to work effectively without harming the environment, humans, animals and ultimately containing fires and the carbon footprint which is attributed to climate change and our ozone layer.