If it was a Virus and the vaccine was working the government would step in and force change. Extreme wildfires are set to become more frequent, increasing by around 50% by the end of this century, according to a new UN report. The report finds there's an elevated risk in the Arctic and other regions previously unaffected by fires. The scientists define extreme fires as extraordinary conflagrations that occur roughly once in a hundred years. Researchers say that rising temperatures and changes to the way we use land will drive the increase. The new study calls for a radical reallocation of financial resources from fighting fires to prevention.


Fire Departments faces staffing shortage, union points to lack of competitive wages

Wildfire Tactics And Equipment Has To Change Because Water, Planes And Ground Crews Are Not Working The Records Proves The Need For Change Has To Happen Now Gove It A Try

Fire Defense Commentary    Steve Conboy    May 8,  2022   

Calif. — For the last few years, the Fire Department has experienced a cycle of staffing shortages and high turnover according to the department and the union that represents firefighters.

Wildland firefighters may have greater risk for PTSD because of their increased exposure to stress. Climatic changes are creating conditions that make firefighting seasons longer, which means that firefighters are exposed to traumatic experiences for longer periods of time. please read"

If we are allowed to have an opinion.

Mighty Fire Breaker MFB-31-CitroTech and Atomizing Cannons and Backpacks are not out to threaten job security we're only saying we can put wildfires out with less planes, less manpower and safer with less PTSD now. We are ready to prove this to any Fire Department in the U.S. just the way we did in fire defending wood framed structures all around the U.S. All industries have to embrace new and better science why not in the fire fighting industry.