Mighty Fire Breaker is ready to prove it can stop wildfire and save homes faster when Fire Officials are ready to listen and try something that has been proven that is safer, better and much cost effective and more environmentally friendly.

Planes dropping water and fire retardants will never get the job done when strong winds arrive they just exhaust the Federal Wildfire Defense Budget

Fire Defense Commentary    Steve Conboy    May 7,  2022   

Potentially historic winds forecast as firefighters battle New Mexico wildfire

Planes and helicopters used as hundreds work feverishly to contain largest fire burning in US

Extreme wind conditions described as potentially historic were forecast for New Mexico on Saturday and for the next several days as hundreds of firefighters and a fleet of airplanes and helicopters worked feverishly to bolster lines around the largest fire burning in the US.

Many families already have been left homeless and thousands of residents have evacuated due to flames that have charred large swaths of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in north-eastern New Mexico

Residents on the fringes of the shifting fire front were holding out hope that all the work done over recent days to clear brush, install sprinklers, run hose lines and use bulldozers to scrape lines will keep the fire from reaching the small city of Las Vegas and other villages to the north and south.

“There’s uncertainty and there’s fear about how the winds are going to affect the fire from day to day,” said Elmo Baca, chairman of the Las Vegas Community Foundation.

“Once the people are evacuated out of an area, they can’t go back, so they’re just stuck worrying.”

The blaze has blackened more than 262 square miles (678 sq km) over the last few weeks.

The start of the conflagration has been traced in part to a preventive fire initiated by the US Forest Service in early April to reduce flammable vegetation. The blaze escaped control, merging with another wildfire of unknown origin.

Nationwide, close to 2,000 sq miles (5,180 sq km) have burned so far this year, with 2018 being the last time this much fire had been reported across the country, according to the National Interagency Fire Center. And predictions for the rest of the spring do not bode well for the west, where long-term drought and warmer temperatures brought on by climate change have combined to worsen the threat of wildfire.

Most of problems stated in this story that can be fixed if Fire Departments are finally ready to listen and embrace MFB’s Proactive Science

1) If the Fire Department would stop fighting the fire dragon with ground crews and planes and back up a start to spray tracked and mapped fire breaks from roads with atomizing cannons and MFB-31-CitroTech it does not matter how high the wind is the fire would shut down when it reaches what was sprayed. Ask the Wild-land Fire Chief at Ventura County.

2) They are saying this started from a controlled burn. Many wildfire are started from controlled burns it’s my opinion that they are reckless until the perimeter has been sprayed to defend its ability to advance beyond what they planned on burning.

3) Property owners out trimming as this wildfire advances towards there community may not be the best thing to be doing when a wind driven wildfire is approaching. What should be done today is to evacuate than send in 7000 gallon tanker with atomizing cannons that can fog all the homes from the street with MFB-31-CitroTech. This Fire inhibitor will out perform water, foam, gel and fire Retardants better than just trimming when it comes to blocking ignition and fires advance.

Change has to happen now before we lose at new historical rates.