Old wildfire tactics can’t win against what they are calling a wind driven sleeping beast

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Fire Defense Commentary    Steve Conboy    May 7,  2022   

Taming the 2nd-largest wildfire in New Mexico history has been a 'nightmare'.

New Mexico(CNN)Taming the second-largest wildfire in New Mexico history has been a nightmare for crews who have been battling the blaze for more than a month, a firefighter said Thursday.

At one point, the ferocious Hermits Peak/Calf Canyon Fire was spreading at 50 miles per hour, said Travis Regensberg, a general contractor brought in by New Mexico to help protect homes and buildings.

"It's been a nightmare," Regensberg told CNN on Thursday. "It's been really tough for us. I've been on this 17 days straight -- three, four hours of sleep a night to protect the communities here."

The firefighters have been protecting buildings by creating perimeter rings around them and using bulldozers to cut fire lines, he said. Additionally, they try to minimize harm to septic and well systems so that people have "a place to come back to," Regensberg said.

High winds have been firefighters' biggest challenge.

"This fire is a sleeping beast. I mean, I call it the devil," he added.

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