CitroTech Helps To Complete Natures Science

Fire Defense Commentary    Steve Conboy    April 17,  2022   

Our Global Forests are essential to humans life and need for housing shelter, medicines, food and animals. We need to start listening to Nature Cry and plant as many as we cut and finish nature science. We need to be open to learn new ways to put forest fires out faster. Natures Climate cry says trees are sequestering the CO2 humans create into wood fiber now we need to defend that stored carbon from fires. MFB with it’s applied fire science CitroTech fire defends the stored Carbon more affordably than ever before so it’s never released back into our environments. Elon Musk X Prize on Carbon collection devices can never beat what natures science has to offer if we start to pay attention and listen.

Finishing Nature Science by fire defending lumber has more value than any human made sequestering device on the planet.

Besides the Trees our Forests grow the growth of thousands of plants used in medicines and food production is more of natures science we need to defend. There were an estimated 6 trillion trees or roughly double the number of trees there are today. Before the dawn of man and civilization, most historians estimate that the world’s forests took up around 6 billion hectares of land. Today, only a fraction of that remains, with the forest cover in the world down to approximately 3 billion hectares. This loss can be attributed to the intensive agricultural practices and modern civilization infrastructure. Annually, the world loses nearly 10 billion trees each year.

Currently, governments around the world have initiated different tree conservation programs that help protect the trees available. The creation of national forests in the US, such as the two National Forests in Alaska, has also helped minimize tree cutting.

If our Federal Government would offer incentives to our builders to off-set the value add of fire protecting lumber built buildings we would be completing nature science. Things like Carbon Trade or Carbon Tax Credits are needed to get our big builders on board to complete natures science. This movement would promote more tree planting and less risk premiums and create large defended carbon storage banks.

The author of BigWood and LittleWood has been an advocate for our environments for over 20 years. His plan now is to teach children with his science based BigWood and LittleWood book series.