MFB’s MFB31 Applied Science Would Fight This Advancing WildFire Differently With So Much Less Water And Safer For Firefighters

Fire Defense Commentary    Steve Conboy    April 10,  2022   

(photo left) Fire Department Tanker Trucks Spraying MFB-31 CitroTech™ would not spray this type of out of control wildfire it’s dangerous and a waste of time and resources. With the MFB-31-CitroTech™ they back up and spray long wide and deep fire breaks so much easier and safer. Ground Crew Firefighters wearing Backpack Cannons would chase ember ignition out in front. This same method could be used in all the controlled burns that have turned into wildfires of late just last week in 4 states. Controlled burns would so much safer if all borders of what is to be burned is sprayed with MFB-32-CitroTech days before the burns starts. While the controlled vegetation is burning firefighters with backpack cannons loaded with MFB-31-CitroTech™ could surround the burn to quickly put out spot fires caused by flying embers.


Atomizing and Backpack Cannons

Atomizing Cannons and Backpack Cannons would change our wildfire loss record if we stop fighting fire and back up and spray fire breaks with MFB-31-CitroTech.


"The New Norm"

Normal Wildfires are gone and never to return anytime soon. We need new technologies to win over the wildfire ctisis. Same goes for the electric car movement where lithium battery fires need new fire technology to eliminate those fires faster. As things are changing we have to embrace new accredited proven science techmologies that address the newest concerns. The old ways are NOT effective any longer. Independent, unbiased leaders need to consider prudent fire fighting concerns going forward regardless of political and/or financial interests. The longer fires burn the more impact there is to our planets depleting ozone layer and its effect on climate change.


Northern California hills are already turning brown. What does that mean for fire season? A prolonged dry spell that has drawn the region into a third year of drought has turned the landscape so dry that early April conditions more closely resemble those typical of late May or June. Local Cal Fire officials are calling up seasonal workers a month and a half earlier as a result, bracing for long, tough months to come.

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Cities and farms across California will receive even less water this year than the meager amount they had been promised two months ago from the State Water Project, a massive system of dams, pipes and canals that typically provides water to 27 million people from Silicon Valley to San Diego. The administration of Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Friday that because of record-dry conditions in January and February, the State Water Project will provide only 5% of the amount of water cities and farms have contracts to receive, down from 15% in mid-January. “We are experiencing climate change whiplash in real time with extreme swings between wet and dry conditions,” said Karla Nemeth, director of the state Department of Water Resources. “That means adjusting quickly based on the data and the science.” The cuts will reduce the amount of water delivered from about 650,000 acre feet to 350,000, after accounting for adjustments for “health and safety” concerns in some areas, state water officials said.

The federal agencies that employ firefighters to suppress wildfires have struggled to hire enough personnel in recent years, but especially in 2020 and 2021 in California. Today the San Francisco Chronicle(subscription) reported that after having 5,000 firefighters for multiple years in California the number working for the U.S. Forest Service dropped from 5,000 in 2019 to 3,956 in 2021, more than a 20 percent decline.

The five federal agencies that have significant wildland fire programs have a total of about 15,000 positions related to fire. In the last few years the number of vacancies has been growing due to difficulty in hiring and experienced firefighters leaving for better pay and working conditions.

Maybe the heads of the fire departments and the politicians are finally ready to let Mighty Fire Breaker™ prove it to them. Dealing with a radical drought and a shortage of firefighters seems to be the perfect time to adjust and change.