Reason GC Are Best For Wildfire Hardening

MFB GC Pros Are The Best At The FEMA Pilot Program Because They Are Licensed To Do All The Work That Is Beyond Trimming Vegetation

Fire Defense Commentary    Steve Conboy    February 15,  2022   

California recently launched a novel $100-million pilot program in collaboration with or FEMA to pay for home retrofits in high-fire areas.

* By state law many of things that need to be done to truly harden a home based on the NFPA Fire Wise list can only be done legally by a licensed General Contractor.
* Moonlighting Firefighters doing home hardening must be licensed GC’s
* Landscapers are aloud to trim only they are not licensed to be on roofs of installing roof and soffit vents.
* Handyman laws limit the amount of dollars they can charge per day.

If the pilot is successful, the state could launch the program in other high-risk communities as early as 2023, according to Cal OES.

While the program covers all expenses for low-income households, the state also plans to offer partial cost coverage for the same services to middle-income households.

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