Proactive Water Wild Fire Sprinklers Are Better Than Nothing. It Just May Not Be That Good In Santa Ana Wind Driven Wild Fires

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Proactive Outside Wild Fire Sprinklers That Only Use Water Are Better Than Nothing. It Just May Not Be Good Enough During A Santa Ana Wind Driven Wild Fire Storm.

July 6, 2020 by Steve Conboy

Wild Fire Sprinkler Systems Only Spraying Water Are Not As Defensive To Loss As Mighty Fire Breakers Proactive Wild Fire Systems Which Sprays A Clean Safe Fire Inhibitor. MFB's Proactive  Shuts Wind Driven Fire Down Even When It's Dry And Clinging To Everything That Was Saturated. If you have a wild fire sprinkler system with water storage tanks call us we can help you make it ten times more effective with our clean safe fire inhibitor that breaks the free radical chain in fire even when its dry.

Expensive Wild Fire Systems That Spray Just Water Can Be A False Sense of Security In A Santa Ana Wild Driven Wild Fire. When The Humidity Would Be Dried Very Fast. Ask any Fire Fighter.

Wildfires constantly evolve based on weather conditions. That forces firefighters and their incident commanders to constantly re-evaluate their approaches and strategies, including where to position people, equipment and logistical support.

Still, water does play a key role in protecting buildings and human structures, but in some of the season's most voracious fires that devour hundreds of homes water is not enough.

The problem with these wind driven fires is that they're so hot that nothing is going to stop them unless a fire inhibitor is in place before the fire shows up.

A wind driven wild fire is like an ocean during a hurricane its way to hot way to fast to think changing the humidity level around your home is enough.

It’s to strong Fire Fighter don’t stand a chance with water that is why they call in plane to drop fire retardants of doing much to it. When a wild fire is on the move and you see firefighters spraying with hoses houses will be lost to hot that they can’t even be close enough to be within hose-shot.”

California is struggling with some of the worst blazes in its history its time property owners embrace new clean safe chemistry that will remove a wild fire strength to advance even better than the fire retardants being dropped from planes.

Mighty Fire Breaker is out to Coach Property owners on how to have their contractor install sprinklers off their roof and into canyons full of dry native fuel wild fire advance on. We show you contractor what to buy and how to install and when it's ready and spraying water we come out and check to make sure its saturating the building, landscaping and dry native vegetation and we flip it off of water and we charge the chemical storage tanks.

Our chemistry is not a fire retardant it's a fire inhibitor and after its deployed there is no clean up. Our chemistry is UL GreenGuard Gold certified safe around children and in school and it has no negative impact on landscaping.

There is no guarantee is any wild fire defense system just like there is no guarantee in a seat belt but the property owners that installs our proactive wild fire defense system radically reduces the risk of loss. Everything is early fire elimination starts with real 3rd party accredited laboratory test results on what the chemistry used does to resist ignition, stall advance and reduce the smoke index. With that is just and opinion and not worth investing in. Best test for al Fire Suppression chemistry is to spray it on lumber at the same pace it would be sprayed in wild fire defense. When its dry put it in a 24’ Steiner tunnel and do and ASTM E84 not 10 minute but extended 30 minute. The test results will not lie they tell you how good the product resists everything fire needs to survive. All wild fire chemistry even those dropped from planes or sprayed on homes by Insurance Companies private Fire Fighters or Gels and anyone like Mighty Fire Breaker that makes claims that remove a wild fires ability to advance. Mighty Fire Breakers AF31 when sprayed on lumber than dried delivers a .05 in flame spread when you need to be anything less than .25 to be considered Class A. Anyone selling you a fire retardant should be able to show you there E84 extended test results and if not tell them to do the test before you invest in the product.

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