Camp Fire Run Off Poisoned Paradise Water The Cost To Clean Up Was Estimated At Three Hundred Million Dollars

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Camp Fire Run Off Poisoned Paradise Water The Cost To Clean Up Was Estimated At Three Hundred Million Dollars

June 30, 2020 by Steve Conboy

M-Fire Holdings Patented Fire Treated Wood Retention Slurry shuts smoke down faster than water and prevents re-ignition while it encapsulates toxins in burned out structures until formal cleanup to defend our drinking water

Fire Fighters no longer have to saturate burned out structures to prevent re-ignition and Retention Truck Can Spray M Fire Holdings fire treated slurry so we stop destroying our ground water with excessive water.

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Despite a long history of destructive wildfires sweeping through California, water experts said what happened in Paradise has been detected only once before — during the Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa last year. The contamination in Paradise, however, is more widespread than anyone could have predicted, they said.

“It is jaw dropping,” said Dan Newton of the state Water Resources Control Board. “This is such a huge scale. None of us were prepared for this.”

The water contamination represents yet another unexpected and costly headache for California, a drought-prone state where water is a precious commodity and where seemingly endless natural and human-made disasters are draining resources. So far, the expected cleanup and insurance costs of the Paradise fire exceed $2 billion. Through FEMA, federal taxpayers are expected to pick up the cost of municipal repairs.

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Mighty Fire Breaker® patented wildfire protective slurry technology is designed and engineered to help fire departments in several significant ways, namely:
(i) easier plan and quickly build safer wildfire-free roadway exit/entry corridors for use by millions of Californians during future wild fire escapes and evacuations;
(ii) effectively protect wood-based electrical power utility poles from the destructive forces of wildfires; and
(iii) quickly suppress the development of smoke and prevent re-ignition of smoldering ambers from property damaged by wildfire, without contamination of underground water supplies, streams and even the ocean, from toxic runoff produced when using conventional water-drenching methods.

New Proactive Wild Fire Defense Programs And Products will shut wild fire down faster and defend our future in the western regions that are burning beyond what the current methods with manual labor and planes dropping way too much chemicals.

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