MFB Proactive Home Wild Fire Defense Systems Might Help Homeowners Get Covered

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MFB Proactive Home Wild Fire Defense Systems Might Help Homeowners Get Covered

June 1, 2020 by Steve Conboy

M Fire Holding's Mighty Fire Breaker Proactive Wild Fire Defense Systems use Applied fire science technology to saturate buildings and landscaping with a clean safe biodegradable fire inhibitor. This fire inhibitor chemistry is deployed when families are told it's time to evacuate. when dry, it clings to roof and landscaping so it will eliminate ember from easy ignition and shut a fires advance down by breaking the free radicals in fire.

We are out to prove to insurance companies that this exterior fire sprinkler system that sprays a fire inhibitor will lower your risk and their risk of loss.

"Mortgage companies require homes to be insured, so the cancellation put Cook’s financing at risk. He worried that getting another major insurer to sign off on the home would be more challenging after one had turned him down".

Most homeowners in fire-prone places can still get policies, insurers often make coverage conditional on homeowners managing trees and undergrowth. And some might get denied by several insurers before finding one willing to take on the risk.

States and counties are beginning to step up their efforts to help homeowners make their properties as safe as possible.

The challenge is most acute in California, where catastrophic wildfires in 2018 caused more than $9 billion in losses to insured property, according to the state Department of Insurance. The Camp fire that blazed through the town of Paradise and destroyed nearly 14,000 homes drove a small, local insurer into insolvency.

California’s insurance department doesn’t have hard numbers on how many homes have been denied insurance because companies aren’t required to report that information, said press secretary Nancy Kincaid.

But since 2014, more than 15,000 homes in medium or extreme fire-risk areas have turned to the state’s lender of last resort, the California Fair Access to Insurance Requirements Plan, which insurance companies created to serve people unable to find coverage elsewhere. Premiums also are rising in high-risk areas, Kincaid said

Our system get you Locked-N-Loaded so when a wild fire is moving in your homes direction you are ready to defend your home.

Our Proactive Home Wild Fire Defense Systems are an investment worth making.

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