MFB Is Ready To Provide Proactive Wild Fire Defense For Rural Exit Corridors

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MFB Is Ready To Provide Proactive Wild Fire Defense For Rural Exit Corridors

May 18, 2020 by Steve Conboy

The USDA is a great resource that only needs to add Proactive Wild Fire Science to make exit corridors safer for families fleeing wild fires. It would save lives.
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Dec 30, 2018 · Residents trying to flee were caught in massive traffic jams, flames burning on both sides of the road as they sat trapped in their cars. One person died of a heart attack.

In the May 6, 2020 NY Times article, “Will Smoke From Controlled Burns Hurt Covid-19 Patients?”, Cal Fire spokesman, Scott McLean, said “What is Covid-19? A respiratory issue”. And then continued by stating “We’re not naïve to that, but we have to provide for the well-being of the public.” The NY Times article also reported that “Forest Service officials said they were concerned that assembling a work force to conduct the burns would expose traveling employees to the virus and potentially contribute to its spread. They also raised doubts about how their fire crews could tend to burns while also abiding by social distancing directives. They said they would continue to use other methods — such as removing brush by hand and with heavy machinery — that reduce combustible forest fuel without generating smoke.”

Clearly, there needs to be better, smarter and more efficient methods of defending property and life from wildfire in the rapidly expanding WUI region, and to do so without creating risks of smoke and injury to firefighters in the presence of a viral pandemic such as COVID-19.

Mighty Fire Breaker Cannons are ready to atomize and spray natural biodegradable fire inhibitors on both side of wild fire exit corridors to make them safer when families and fleeing from wild fire during evacuations to make those road ways safer.

All of these mobile spraying systems can now be equipped with GPS-tracking and mapping technology to record and map where, when and how much Mighty Fire Breaker™ wildfire inhibitor was spray applied onto a GPS-specified region of property to be proactively protected from wildfire, well before the arrival or incidence of a wildfire, and “not when it’s knocking at ones back or front door”.

Because the chemical components of Mighty Fire Breaker™ wildfire inhibiting solution completely dissolve in water, without crystal formation, it’s possible to spray Mighty Fire Breaker™ liquid using atomization and/or misting spray techniques so that very fine liquid droplets can be formed and projected over long throw distances -- during spraying operations to create fire breaks that will not burn. Our pure-liquid fire inhibitor used in the Mighty Fire Breaker™ formulation (i) allows its active fire inhibiting chemistry to efficiently cling onto combustible native plant surfaces that otherwise create natural fuels in all the rapidly expanding WUI region especially this year with less controlled burn and trimming efforts to reduce the amount of fuels wild fire advance on.

During our atomization spraying and quick drying operations during hot summer months Mighty Fire Breaker™ wildfire inhibitor, when exposed to moisture and/or high levels of relative humidity do not wash off easily.

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We are ready to help all western regions towns and fire departments make rural exits corridors safer so fire is not attacking family during there exiting this summer.

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