Had MFB Proactive Wildfire Defense with atomizing cannons and drones sprayed these homes it may have saved them

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Had MFB Proactive Wildfire Defense with atomizing cannons and drones sprayed these homes it may have saved them

May 15, 2020 by Steve Conboy

Wildfire Season, COVID-19 Pose Dual Threat to Cal Fire And Mighty Fire Breaker Is Out To Help Now This Season With Safer Better Fire Inhibitor Chemistry Than They Are Currently With Foams, Gels And Red Fire Retardant Dropped From Planes Please click to read

Firefighters aren't only facing the increasing threat of wildfires, they're also trying to extinguish the coronavirus.The pandemic has Cal Fire and the local Red Cross changing some of their regular procedures, and the new protocols could affect the public during an emergency. "This is a down and dirty business. We have to be close to one another. We have to work in tight confines sometimes," Cal Fire Captain Issac Sanchez said.

More San Diego News Valley Road Runner

While most of our attention these days is focused on the COVID-19 crisis, there are other things that are important, too. Like protecting our community from wildfire.

We caught up with Valley Center Fire Marshal Jim Davidson this week and he pointed out something that is obvious, but still alarming: “There’s a tremendous amount of growth and fuel,” he said. “The weather timing was perfect for that, with the amount of rain stretched out. The rain means that everyone’s mowing will have to keep going on. Some of the grasses are starting to turn brown already.”

Yes, while all this year’s rain has been welcome, it does have a downside.

When grasses turn brown that’s a prelude to them becoming perfect little tinderboxes, just waiting for a spark to ignite them and the wind to whip them into a wildfire.

Everyday more and more news about this years wild fire threat during our Covid-19 Pandemic but nothing seems to change in how we plan on fighting these future wild fire other than send more young firefighters into harms way now its a double harms way.

Using technology

The Roadrunner asked about the use of drones to inspect properties. “That has come up,” said the fire marshal. “Unfortunately, I’m not sure how people would react.” Also, the district doesn’t have the resources right now to use drones. “We’d need to hire a company that does this, like SDG&E does with their poles.”

David Ross the Reporter asked a great question I hope he reaches out to me after he sees my blog.

Mighty Fire Breaker Proactive Tracked and Mapped Wild Fire Breaks uses Atomizing Cannons and Drones to spray dry native vegetation to shut a wild fire ability to advance down the minute it hits the spray break eve if we sprayed in weeks in advance. Retired SD Fire Chief in Escondido and current Rincon Fire Chief along with active SD Fire Chief have all witness this MFB Fire Inhibitor work and they all think it the future of wild fire defense. David go check things out www.Mightyfirebreaker.com

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