MFB-31-Cannon Technology Can Make A Radical Difference Now In Defending The 50 Oregon Towns Most Threatened By Wildfires Around Bend And Medford

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The MFB-31- Atomizing Cannon Technology could outfit fire departments now with cannons that can throw our fire inhibitor 100’ to 350’ to create wild fire breaks that get tracked and mapped using less manpower than trying to dig fire breaks or defend with water. Removing the wild fire threat for vineyards, orchards, ranches, saw mills and all property owners starts by investing in the best equipment and fire inhibitor chemistry so you can defend your own assets in advance of the lazy wild fire showing up to

MFB-31- Atomizing Cannon Technology can make a radical Ddifference in Ddefending California's vulnerable communities and The 50 Oregon Towns And Livestock Most threatened by wildfires around Bend and Medford

May 4, 2020 by Steve Conboy
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lumber Mills, Ranches with livestock can buy our small cannons so they can create fire breaks and spray barns, buildings and even log decks and lumber inventory piles with our clean safe fire inhibitor chemistry. Wine vineyard can spray fire breaks to save vines.

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We can not sit back and not embrace new ways to shut wild fire down faster to save our timberlands the timber that supports housing starts while we defend the air quality during this Coronavirus Pandemic that attacks humans lungs like smoke does. A small number of Oregon cities and towns have an outsize danger of being impacted by wildfire, according to a study that identifies the state's 50 communities most at risk to forest fires. Communities around the Rogue Valley in Southwest Oregon and towns near Bend in Central Oregon have a disproportionally high chance of seeing home destruction from wildfire compared to the rest of the state. The top three communities listed — and 16 of the top 25 — were all near the Rogue and Illinois valleys. All totaled, Medford, Grants Pass, Ashland and the smaller surrounding towns had more than 105,000 housing units exposed to wildfire.

It just comes down to the fact that we have a lot of densely packed homes in the forest and the urban-wildland interface that need to invest and take proactive wild fire defense plans into there own hands.

Most of the fires you hear about on the news are forest fires. What you don't hear about as much, or at all, are the fires on the open range, even though they char about the same amount of land. Range fires are burning more frequently than ever, and in some cases they're killing off the iconic native sagebrush that dots the landscape here, what locals call the sagebrush sea.

MFB-31-Atomized Cannon Technology is ready to support all those ranching families across this countrysides that are threatened by wind driven wild fires now during the coronavirus pandemic with less firefighters living in tent camps to help save there properties and livestock.

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