Wild Fire Exit Corridors Need To Be Sprayed With Fire Inhibitors

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Wild Fire Exit Corridors Need To Be Sprayed With Fire Inhibitors

May 3, 2020 by Steve Conboy

Mighty Fire Breaker Cannons can atomize and spray both side of our rural wild fire exit corridors to make sure families in cars are not as threatened by all the in trimmed vegetation that wild fire rage and advance on.

Most wild fires start small with a match, a cigarette or auto spark. We all now understand that when wind shows up that small fire escalates into and ragging inferno fast. We can not expect our brave firefighters to always be there in time to save our homes we need to begin to take proactive wild fire defense into our own hands. When it comes to narrow exit corridors cities have to widen those roads by either removing those native fuels or spray them with fire inhibitors so fire can not get as close to the cars that are fleeing.

SACRAMENTO April 30, 2020 – With the 2020 wildfire year upon us, theBureau of Land Management has issued a statewide Fire Prevention Order to help prevent the risk of wildfires igniting in California. The Fire Prevention Order serves as a reminder of basic precautions to reduce wildfires that apply year-round to BLM-managed public lands, areas, roads, waterways, and trails. The Fire Prevention Order can be viewed online here.

On average, human-caused wildfires make up 95 percent of all wildfires in California. Many of these wildfires occur close in proximity to roadways, communities and recreational areas, posing considerable threat to public safety. In 2019, more than 170 wildfires burned on nearly 160,000 acres of BLM-managed public lands in California. Taking individual responsibility to reduce wildfire risk while recreating on public lands, around homes and communities, before a fire occurs can help keep property, the public, and firefighters safe.

All rural roads can be sprayed because some of those narrows exit corridors are known to be hazardous during wild fire evacuation. Please See video

“Its Time To Embrace New Proactive Applied Fire Science”

While a certain amount of high-intensity fire could be considered natural and even beneficial from a strictly ecological standpoint, the increase in fire size and severity poses risks to homes, properties, and lives. High-intensity wildfire kills large trees and damages or even destroys wildlife habitat, including old-growth forests. And when fire burns hot, it can destroy the protective layers in the soil, resulting in widespread erosion and runoff, which damages streams, fisheries, and water supplies.

Mighty Fire Breaker is ready to assist and support all Fire Departments with our cannons that spray and track and map fire breaks with our clean safe fire inhibitors.

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