Mighty Fire Breaker™ Proactive Cannons Spray To Keep Fire Away From Communities

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Mighty Fire Breaker™ Proactive Cannons Spray To Keep Fire Away From Communities

April 26, 2020 by Steve Conboy

Mapping wild land fire areas is a good start, now we need to add the defense, like it's a war in which the enemy is going to attack every year. If it was our military, we would have the defense systems and equipment in place ready to defend and protect before it destroys our communities. We can no longer expect that we can react fast enough with manual labor. We need to learn from what happened in the Woolsey fire, when we did not have enough labor to stop that fire from jumping the 101 freeway to take out Malibu. This charring got way too close to those communities, and it no longer has to happen. Although Cal Fire publishes its own wildland-urban interface map, it does not carry any legal consequences.

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Another complication is that the legislation underlying hazard mapping only allows Cal Fire to plot “very high severity” zones in areas designated as local jurisdiction, including cities. The hazard zones nearest to Santa Rosa are categorized as “moderate” or “high” and thus would not extend into the city.

“It’s likely that if the state had authority to map in local responsibility areas other than very high, much of Santa Rosa would have been included,” Sapsis said.

It isn’t clear how much the designation of a fire hazard zone would have lessened the damage in Coffey Park. The state law, written in response to the 1991 Tunnel fire that destroyed 2,900 homes in Oakland, applies only to new construction and substantial remodeling.

The designation of a fire hazard zone could, however, ensure that as Coffey Park is rebuilt, there would be mandatory building requirements to better protect it against a future conflagration.

Some experts suggested that the startling losses from the Tubbs fire could spark consideration of more aggressive measures such as mandatory retrofits or at least the canvassing of neighborhoods like Coffey Park to identify vulnerabilities that could be remedied such as ensuring that attic vents, the most common source of firebrand ignition in houses, are screened.

"I do believe when we remap we are going to be looking at new data that could potentially expand these very high zones into areas that were not mapped.” Sapsis said.

Though a forensic examination will be required to understand exactly what happened at Coffey Park, the unburned trees still standing in the neighborhood tell wildland fire experts that the cause was not a giant front of flames sweeping out of the nearby hills and fields.

Mighty Fire Breaker is ready to help Cal Fire with better equipment and chemistry that takes less labor to spray tracked and mapped fire breaks during 2020 wild fire season if we get moving now.

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