Mighty Fire Breaker Products Tames The Flames But If You Wait Its To Later

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Mighty Fire Breaker Products Tames The Flames But If You Wait Its To Later

April 24, 2020 by Steve Conboy

Mighty Fire Breaker is ready to help all fire departments with equipment and chemistry to spray native vegetation on rural roads so nobody has to die in their cars running away from wild fires ever again. Please see

All western region fire departments can now be quickly equipped with our cannons and fire inhibitor to spray tracked and mapped fire breaks that will shut any wild fires advance down so much better than just using water.

Our sprayed water born fire inhibitor when dry is left clinging to dry native vegetation and is ready to remove the wild fire fuels ability to support an advancing wild fire the minute is shows up. It's there clinging ready to defend until the next rain which are few and far between during hot summer months. After four years of ASTM and UL accredited laboratory test results, our products have proven themselves in fire trading centers all around the USA in front of hundreds of fire officials. We are now ready to supply equipment to spray and track and map along with palletized sacks of our fire inhibitor to support all fire departments. When our fire inhibitor chemistry is blended with water it never falls out and settles and never needs to be re-blended. We are non corrosive and have no impact on PVC and PEX and are UL GreenGuard Gold certified to be sprayed around children and in schools.

Heavy duty 4x4 pickup trucks can help get proactive fire breaks laid down fast. The pickups carry 300 gallons so when they run empty they pull up to the fire departments tanker to reload. Those tankers can also pull the cannon and generator for those longer fire breaks.

For more information contact steve@mightyfirebreaker.com

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