Mighty Fire Breaker Rolls Out 21st Century Applied Fire Science For Proactive Fire Elimination To Support Fire Departments With Social Distancing And Less Labor

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Mighty Fire Breaker Rolls Out 21st Century Applied Fire Science For Proactive Fire Elimination To Support Fire Departments With Social Distancing And Less Labor

April 21, 2020 by Steve Conboy

Mighty FireBreaker™(MFB) Founder, Is The Inventor Of The Most Cost Effective Award Winning Early Fire Elimination Program For National Builders On Tall High Density Wood Framed Projects Under Construction Threatened By Arson And Suspicious Fires Around The US.

MFB is now ready to help Fire Departments and Homeowners reduce their risk of loss and put wild fires out faster with less manpower, better and safer chemistry allowing firefighters and homeowners the ability to be proactively out in front of an advancing fire showing up.Please see video

You can't make this up these publications underscore the role of wind in destructive California wildfires. Please read"

Since the start of the 21st century, large wildfires have become increasingly more frequent in California. Two recent publications by Dr. Jon Keeley (USGS Western Ecological Research Center) and collaborator Dr. Alex Syphard (Conservation Biology Institute) provide insight into the drivers of these fires and the factors that lead to their destructiveness.

The first publication examines selected recent California wildfires, assessing the locations, vegetation types, ignition causes, and other drivers of fire activity along with area burned, structures destroyed, and lives lost. Keeley and Syphard write that many California wildfires can be categorized into one of two types: fuel-dominated vs. wind-dominated wildfires.

Using this framework, the authors classify selected high-profile 21st century fires, including the 2003 Cedar Fire (wind), the 2013 Rim Fire (fuel), the 2017 Tubbs and Thomas Fires (both wind), and the 2018 Camp Fire (wind). High fuel loads in dense forests are often thought to cause the most destructive fires, yet the most catastrophic fires in terms of total lives and structures lost fit the profile of wind-dominated fires. Understanding these two types of fires can help managers better assess the causes of fires in their region and choose the most appropriate strategies, such as fuels management techniques or focus on prevention and protecting homes.

Let's not forget about the Woolsey Fire that burned all week in dry native vegetation to finally jump the 101 freeway to destroy many homes in Malibu.

If the MFB proactive programs were in place and available back than proactive tracked and mapped sprayed fire breaks could have stopped the Wolsey advance from jumping the 101 freeway with less labor.

“There is a better way to proactively defend property and life against wildfires.”

MFB Was Designed With Diverse Proactive Applications To Defend All Environments

* Outside towns and city limits on tall vegetation’s and under forests.
* Proactive Home Wild Fire Defense Systems
* Widening wild fire exit corridors to defend families is gridlock exiting.
* Around utility poles and under transmission lines
* Tracked and Mapped Wild Fire Breaks
* Defending all the interior lumber on all wild fire rebuilds with fire protection
* Soffit, crawls space and roof vents with ember blocker vents
* New roofing types like Tilcor light weight fire protected coated metal.
* Tall vegetation can now be sprayed in advance to shut a fire advance on.

Our MFB Proactive Programs use no Foams, Gels or the need for Planes to drop red fire retardants our products and programs and designed to be in place before a fire shows up.

MFB Programs Are Out To Proactively Defend The Following Stakeholders From Loss

*Home Owners, Business Owners, Apartments Owners and Commercial Buildings
* Banks and Mortgage Holders
* Insurance Companies/Underwriters
* Families and Life
* Horses and Livestock
* Vineyards
* Young Fire Fighters
* Government/FEMA

Its Time For Change. The Loss Records Have Proven It, We Need To Embrace New Proactive Applied Fire Science In Honor Of Ben Franklin. America Must Win This Year, Especially During This Coronavirus Pandemic. We Cannot Allow Wild Fires To Become Our Next Crisis, Because We Are Not Willing To Embrace New Best Practice Science.

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