2020 Wild Fire Season Is Coming And New Defense Tech Could Save Homes

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2020 Wild Fire Season Is Coming And New Defense Tech Could Save Homes

April 15, 2020 by Steve Conboy

Are California Fire Officials Ready To Try Giant Atomizing Canons That Can Spray Mighty Fire Breakers Fire Inhibitor To Save Communities This Wild Fire Season.

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Wildfires in California are growing increasingly dangerous and the United States taxpayers pay about 3 billion dollars a year to fight wildfires. These big fires can lead to billions of dollars in property losses.

More than 350,000 people in California live in towns situated completely within zones deemed to be at very high risk of fire and more than 2.7 million people live in "very high fire hazard severity zones". Now that dry vegetation is growing and proactive trimming is completely shut down because of the Corona virus, the need for a new defense is even greater.

California is bracing for what could be a crisis within a crisis — that’s if a wildfire, flood or other emergency takes place during the coronavirus pandemic.

CapRadio listeners are wondering about how this could impact people that live in wildfire zones. Gillian Biedler, from Sacramento, asked CapRadio: “We are supposed to have a fierce and early fire season this year. How can we contain the virus while evacuating people?”

Wildfires and housing the people who are evacuated from them isn’t new in California. But what is new is this double whammy of a global pandemic and potential fires or other disasters, said Kim Zagaris, with the California Office of Emergency Services.

“We deal with this type of stuff all the time, but what we don't deal with is probably the magnitude that we're dealing with currently today,” he said.

Agencies across the state are preparing for that possibility, figuring out how to deal with evacuations if physical distancing orders remain. Zagaris worked for the agency for more than three decades and was pulled out of retirement to help plan during the existing crisis.

“I'm the guy that they break the glass in case of an emergency,” said Zagaris.

He says the state is preparing for disasters, but that generally fires are usually handled by the local level first. But if a blaze gets large enough or outside help is needed that's when agencies like Cal OES get involved.

Zagaris says the agency is already taking precautions at its offices by reducing entrances to one main door, temperature checks, constant cleaning and a series of questions about sickness and exposure.

“Then we give them a wristband,” Zagaris said. “Local governments will probably need to think through these issues as well when they set up evacuation shelters and whatever emergency they're dealing with.”

How Bad Will Fire Season Be?

All this is important because the snowpack statewide is measuring at about 63 percent of normal for this time of year. Even with late season storms keeping the Sierra Nevada moist California could see fires early as grasses dry this spring.

“It's kind of hard to predict what the fire season is going to look like,” said Leroy Westerling, a UC Merced professor and expert on management issues and climate change. “It's gonna be a combination of how hot it gets and whether or not we get any more storms.”

One agency paying attention to all these ingredients that determine how intense fire season could be is the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, or CalFire. The agency is already taking extra precautions with COVID-19 at play. Crews are using masks, sanitizing equipment often and limiting the number of people per vehicle.

Thank you Zagaris you did a great job to warn families and home owners that they need to start to harden there homes ahead of the wild fire season. This story was sent to me from a friend of yours JB former So Cal Fire Chief. This former Fire Chief JB has vetted out Mighty Fire Breaker sprayed fire breaks and thinks we are the solution especially now during this pandemic. At Mighty Fire Breaker I have spent years in engineering and applied science to prove we are better than the foam, gels, fire retardants and all there thousands of manual firefighter labor knowing maybe one day the big Fire Officials will have to give us a chance even tough we are private and not union. There are other current Fire Chief all around California that have tested my product but under there contract they can not endorse but JB can tell you who they are.

Mighty Fire Breaker™ is ready to demonstrate spray and burn to prove to the big Fire Officials that our proactive atomized sprayed fire breaker is a real solution to saving homes this wild fire season. Since they shut down all proactive trimming and cant trim during a wild fire event Mighty Fire Breaker can spray that tall dry vegetation fuel and it will shut a fires advance down faster than water could ever stop an advance.

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