The USA Needs To Change On How We Fight Wild Fires

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The USA Needs To Change On How We Fight Wild Fires

April 1, 2020 by Steve Conboy

Too Close To A Raging Fire With Hand Tools And Endurance Is Not Going To Win

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Nineteen Firefighters Killed In A Wild Fire In China This Week

More than 140 fire engines, four helicopters and nearly 900 firefighters have been sent to tackle the blaze, according to local officials.

In total over two thousand emergency workers are involved in rescue efforts to contain the blaze and more than 1,200 local people have been evacuated.

Helicopters were still battling the blaze Tuesday March 31 2020 morning.

Several forest fires have broken out in the same prefecture in recent days, reported state news agency Xinhua.

Last April, twenty-seven firefighters were killed in a huge forest fire in Muli County in the same prefecture. Authorities deployed 700 firefighters to the scene.

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