Mighty Fire Breaker Proactive Wild Fire Defense System Debuts In Malibu Times Magazine.

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Mighty Fire Breaker Proactive Wild Fire Defense System Debuts In Malibu Times Magazine.

March 6, 2020 by Steve Conboy

San Diego, California March 3, 2020— Mighty Fire Breakers' Proactive Wild Fire Defense System debuted recently with installations at four locations in San Diego. Immediately following, applications in areas embracing the new proactive defense include historical buildings in Nor Cal's Sheep Ranch and Malibu. The properties in San Diego, threatened by rugged terrain growing tall native vegetation that quickly turn into dry fuels each year drag wild fires right up under homes and commercial buildings. Please See Video

In Nor Cal, the historical buildings have a double threat having dry fuels that are also growing around beetle infested dead trees. These types of fuels are major obstacles for fire fighter's when hot winds drive the fires directly into structures much like a blow torch. Our Proactive System deploys and sprays only when buildings are threatened during evacuations, the application clings to applied areas creating a fire break that shuts down a wind driven wild fire dead in its track. Our goal is to save homes, lives, our environment and to help lessen the task for our brave fire fighters who put it all on the line for us.

The Installed Proactive Systems are Locked-N Loaded, ready to spray clean safe chemistry off roof tops and into canyons. All installed systems are GPS tracked and mapped to document and prove the new applied science’s effectiveness in reducing loss.

When M-Fire’s Mighty Fire Breaker® Accredited clean chemistry is applied, it saturates areas that dry quickly in hot winds leaving behind chemistry that clings to structures and vegetation, ready to stop fires advance by breaking the free radical chain in fire. Our demos and laboratory test results have proven to shutdown fires, witnessed by hundreds of impressed fire officials across the USA. The clean chemistry has no odor, needs no clean up, has no negative impact on vegetation and it's UL GreenGuard Gold certified, designating it safe around children and in schools.

The Malibu Time Magazine, on newsstands now, contains a featured editorial about M-Fire Holdings Proactive Wild Fire Defense Systems called HOPE. View Malibu Times article

Read how Mighty Fire Breaker LLC. is out to add a proactive element to the current reactive wild fire defense to support California communities from the growing threat of wildfires. Mighty Fire Breaker™ is also now licensing fire departments to spray, track and map fire breaks in advance of an approaching wild fire on communities and wild fire exit corridors.

M-Fire Holdings LLC., a privately held California company, has spent the last four years developing its Proactive Wild Fire Defense Systems and Programs to try and help remove the threat of wild fire on structures. We are currently supported by accredited laboratory testing with a LARR report, TER report, ASTM test reports and UL GreenGuard Gold along with Cal Fire listing.

Our goal is to help fire fighters shut wild fire and green house gas production down faster and safer than any fire retardants they currently use. Our chemistry gives fire fighters more time to install and spray engineered fire breaks from big tanker trucks. Some So Cal Fire Chiefs have said the foam and gels do not work and when planes dropping fire retardants are utilized it’s because they have lost their stand against an advance. The firefighters appreciate how our fire inhibitor gives them plenty of time to spray designed engineered fire breaks. Unlike foam or gels, when our fire inhibitor chemistry is applied and clinging to dry vegetation, lasting for months, it breaks the chemical reaction in a fire and removes its ability to advance, putting brave Fire Fighters back in control.

We are convinced that the Ventura fire, 18 months ago, could have been stopped at the 101 freeway, unfortunately, the current reactive measures were not enough allowing it to jump the freeway and wipe out Malibu. Our Proactive Wild Fire Systems on structures, spray from roof tops and canyons, creating fire breaks around homes to try and save them.

We also recommend attic and crawl space vents that are retro fitted with our ember blocker vents they are easily installed to keep hot wind blown micro embers out of the combustible spaces. Our Proactive Save Cali Program is like nothing ever used before as we set out to help the brave fire fighters and reduce our governments replacement loss in our great State.

We are convinced if tanker trucks were spraying our fire inhibitor on both sides of the 101 Freeway, the Woolsey fire may not have been able to take out Malibu. How much more loss do we have to witness and register before fire departments are ready to change and become more proactive with sprayed fire inhibitor fire breaks. Mighty Fire Breaker™ welcomes fire department licensees to spray, track and map fire breaks with our quality assurance program. Wild fires raging across dry native hillside fuels or under forest canopies, driven by Santa Ana Winds in So Cal and Diablo winds in Nor Cal turn these fires into dragons making water an ineffective defense, however, Mighty Fire Breaker applied in advance is a proven defense. Please view video

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