Attack Global Warming By Shutting Wildfires Down Faster With Chemistry Not Additional Labor.

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Attack Global Warming By Shutting Wildfires Down Faster With Chemistry Not Additional Labor.

March 4, 2020 by Steve Conboy

Allowing wild fires to burn for months must end or we lose all the gains made with clean energy and stalling our fight against global warming.

A new report from the non-partisan think tank Next 10, finds California needs to triple its greenhouse gas reduction targets if the state hopes to stymie carbon dioxide fueled climate change. One step that can be considered now before the 2020 wild fires is to add proactive sprayed fire breaks. We have to shutdown wildfires faster because they are making it more difficult to reduce the amount of carbon finding its way into the atmosphere and our environments let alone what it does to make the air quality in our western city unhealthy. The devastating 2018 wildfires released 45 million tons of carbon dioxide into our air and environment and 2019 was not much better. We can no longer think we can just add more firefighters, trucks and planes, which have proven to be ineffective in early fire elimination.

People should stop the negative comments about planting trees and embrace everything that supports accredited applied science that reverses the negative impact of CO2 , greenhouse gas from wild fires and burning buildings create. Not just believing it's all from fossil fuels.

California is currently experiencing larger and more destructive wildfires, along with over 60 high density wood framed apartment buildings set on fire and destroyed during construction in the last 3 years. Not only is that the loss of hundreds of millions of board feet of lumber but tons of carbon stored in the wood is now back in our environment. In ddition to all the suspicious high density urban infill apartment fires, are all the houses and buildings lost to wild fires are sending an alarming amount of toxic smoke into our cities. The risk is expected to climb as the climate changes even more.

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*The Next 10 report urges political leaders to dramatically increase greenhouse gas reduction efforts to stay on track. While the current administration passed legislation to plant a trillion trees it will have little impact in reversing global warming until Washington steps in to eliminate wild fire faster with new better science and proactive application methods as opposed to what is currently being used.

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The extreme wildfires we are witnessing in Australia, Siberia and here in North America are only going to get worse and destroy more and more of our air quality until accredited applied science methods of reducing the threat of these fire and shutting them down faster with chemistry instead of thinking we can still battle them with water and manual brigades with hand held hoes to dig fire breaks.

We have to consider what wildfires create, and look at it more as if it was mosquitos causing health problems that needed to be sprayed. When we do that we will open the door to look at new and better early fire elimination tactics that proactively spray fire breaks. Since wildfires emit carbon dioxide and other toxic greenhouse gases we have to understand and start to defend what these gases and smoke will continue to do to warm the planet and cause human breathing health problems. When we consider it could one day real soon become a real lung health threat Maybe than new better fire elimination science will be aloud and tested.

We all understand that the leading cause of global warming is caused by all the burning of fossil fuels but we have to consider what the greenhouse gas production from wild fires is doing to make things even worse faster.

We all respect our Firefighters but they can no longer be aloud to lead the only charge against wild fires to just hire more people and get new equipment until new proactive plans for sprayed breaks with new and better chemsitry are added to what they are currently doing. Please see Video Here.

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Mighty Fire Breaker LLC is now quoting & selling Proactive Active Wild Fire Defense Systems. We are prepared to license Fire Departments to spray proactive wild fire breaks with our Fire Inhibitor utilizing our GPS Tracking and Mapping APP.

It was the driest February on record for California, after emerging from its last drought only last March. January was also drier than average, and it was a record dry autumn for much of Northern California. That, along with warmer temperatures, has increased the risk of wildfires.

We need to plan now before this wild fire season. We at Mighty Fire Breaker are prepared to continue to showcase our products with even more demos for the remaining Fire Chiefs that are still skeptics. We have traveled the USA, making believers of fire officials who witnessed our live demos firsthand. We are ready to demonstrate more at moments notice if need be.

Karen Clay, a professor of economics and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University and the study’s lead author, says enforcement of environmental regulations plays a key role in the amount of pollution in the air.

“From 2009 to 2016, air was improving,” Clay said. “And so perhaps it’s reasonable that the enforcement actions would also be trending down. The thing that’s concerning now is that they’re continuing to trend down, even as air quality gets worse.”

Clay says wildfires and an increase in economic activity are also factors. They add up to a serious public health issue. The researchers found that the increase in air pollution was associated with 9,700 premature deaths in 2018 alone. They add up to a serious public health issue. The researchers found that the increase in air pollution was associated with 9,700 premature deaths in 2018 alone. Please read article Controlled Burns add to the air pollution problem of wild fires, we must consider better ways now.

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