What Make M Fire Holdings So Different In Early Fire Elimination Defense

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What Make M Fire Holdings So Different In Early Fire Elimination Defense

February 24, 2020 by Steve Conboy

The founder of M Fire Holdings created the most cost effective early fire elimination program for 5 story high density wood framed housing projects which are now being used all around the USA by National Builders. Some smart National Builders are finally embracing the fact that since there have been 58 suspicious fires, during the framing stage, the the risk is no longer worth taking when the cost is very reasonable. This program is owned and operated by an LA Company M Fire Suppression LLC. Their teams of trained applicators follow up on buildings as they go vertical to fire defend them from arson type fires.

M Fire Holdings is now out to help property owners lower their risk of wild fire loss with a similar program called Proactive Wild Fire Defense Systems which sprays the same chemistry that is sprayed on lumber. This program needs no humans, its Lock-N-Loaded ready to automatically deploy and saturate buildings and dry vegetation just in time when families are asked to evacuate. This is an investment in applied science that will help defend homes from the advance of wild fires. We also ask homeowners to install our retro fire ember eliminator to keep hot micro ember out of attics and crawl spaces during a wild fire event.

In short, what sustains the combustion phase of any fire outbreak is the generation of free-radical molecules that seek electrons from other molecules, sustaining the oxidation process, and keeping the fire burning and moving in search of new native fuels i.e. dry vegetation.

In addition to help shut down a wild fire outbreak, Mighty Fire Breaker's clean safe fire inhibitor was invented and designed to interrupt the generation of free-radical chain reactions produced during the combustion phase of fire on wood and dry fuels in wild fires advance.

For this reason, when spreading the word about Mighty Fire Breaker applied science fire inhibiting products and services that support the science behind the concept of breaking the free radical based chemical reactions chains that occur during the combustion phase of all wild fires when our chemistry is used proactively and sprayed out in front of a wild fire and a fire break to eliminate fire ability to advance on combustibles that is clinging to.

We can win and remove the wild fire threat when we proactively add applied fire science to fire fighters reactive defense.

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