Tall Timber Buildings Were Proposed In France, Canada And The USA

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Tall Timber Buildings Were Proposed In France, Canada And The USA

February 15, 2020 by Steve Conboy

M Fire Holdings Accredited Applied Science makes all tall mass timber buildings truly GREEN not just spinning green by defending all the carbon stored in wood from Fire that would only be released back into our environment. We will licensing mass timber producers to fire defend the wood that goes into mass timber layups under our perfected audited quality assurance program that perfects the chain of custody to support a true carbon tax credit that we hope congress will support in the near future to make there legislation to plant a trillion trees and a true complete value. Please see

This week on Dezeen, architects and governments alike bet on the future potential of wood as a construction material, with plans unveiled to build public buildings and skyscrapers from the material.

In a bid to make France carbon-neutral by 2050, president Emmanuel Macron is pushing for a sustainability law that would require at least 50 per cent of any new, state-funded building to be made from timber or other bio-based materials such as hemp or straw.

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The plan was motivated by the material's use in the design of the 2024 Paris Olympics complex, where all buildings above eight storeys will be made entirely from timber.

This week, timber buildings were proposed in France, Canada and the USSidewalk Labs tests possibilities for timber construction with 35-storey Proto-Model Currently, the world's tallest timber buildings is 18 storeys high, but Alphabet's architectural subsidiary Sidewalk Labs has developed a digital model for a high-rise which, at 35-storeys high, would be the tallest of its kind.

The aim is to turn this proof of concept into a reality as part of company's redevelopment of the Toronto waterfront.
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This week, timber buildings were proposed in France, Canada and the USGenerate to build carbon-neutral CLT apartment block in Boston Architecture studio Generate has also announced plans to build a modular, pre-fabricated apartment block and co-working space in Boston using cross-laminated timber.

The company's CEO John Klein told Dezeen that, to his knowledge "it will be one of the most sustainable buildings in America".
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This week, timber buildings were proposed in France, Canada and the USCounterspace designs Serpentine Pavilion 2020 to be built with recycled bricks The push for more environmentally-friendly construction materials has also manifested itself in London's 2020 Serpentine Pavilion design, which was unveiled this week.

The installation by South African architecture studio Counterspace will be made entirely of cork as well as un-fired, recycled bricks, which entail a fraction of the carbon emissions of a regular brick.

M Fires President met an Architect from Sidewalk Labs at the AIA conference in NYC and we are hoping they join us to raise the bar here in the US to make mass timber safer and so much better with Class A fire protection to defend the carbon storage to complete a TRUE renewable sustainable way to meet the demands for housing. We are big support on the new DC Legislation of planting a trillion trees. That program is even better when those trillion trees are planted in Reforestation Programs to support housing. A TRUE GREEN RENEWABLE SUSTAINABLE APPROACH is when we plant to sequester CO2 and we than defend the CARBON left behind in wood to build CARBON DEFENDED BANKS. We are trying to get in a meeting with the DC Administration to propose our Carbon Tax Credit Bill to Congress making the US the first to reward builders with a tax credit to support the complete cycle of planting to sequester CO2 and fire defending the Carbon from being released back into our environment.

If the current Administration would complete the Trillion Tree Plant and add a Carbon Tax Credit for Builders America would lead in a true Green Renewable Sustainable Future Supported By Applied Science that support future generations better.

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