Should Tall Mass Timber Wood Structures Add Class A Fire Protection ???

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Should Tall Mass Timber Wood Structures Add Class A Fire Protection ???

January 23, 2020 by Steve Conboy Should Workers Safety Be Less Of A Priority To Speed Our Labor Shortage

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"Just after noon on March 7, some of the 61 construction workers on the site reported smoke", Denver fire Capt. Greg Pixley said, "a superintendent ran into the building to investigate. He was met by significant smoke traveling down a stairwell on the third floor of the building, which included a first-floor constructed of concrete and four upper floors that were wood-framed."

The heat drove the superintendent back, and efforts began to evacuate the building. Some workers jumped or fell from the second and third floors to escape the flames and several suffered injuries. In the chaos, bystanders rushed to help workers fleeing the building.

The flames advanced quickly – shooting high into the air and fueling a plume of smoke that could be seen from miles away.

The fire grew so intense that it damaged seven nearby buildings – destroying one – and charred 45 vehicles parked in the surrounding area.

By the time firefighters extinguished the flames, the four upper floors were effectively one charred heap.

The two construction workers who died in the blaze – Roberto Flores Prieto, 29, and Dustin Peterson, 37 – both succumbed to smoke inhalation.

Fire protection: Because it chars slowly, mass timber provides valuable fire resistance. Once formed, char protects the wood’s inner structure from further degradation. When used in Part 3 buildings, mass timber CLT assemblies also have fewer concealed spaces, which reduces a fire’s ability to spread undetected. In addition, CLT offers increased compartmentalization if used for interior walls. They’re saysing: Along with these benefits, builders and design teams across North America are finding mass timber construction may be a cost-cutting boom in an increasingly tight labor market.

In 2020, there has been 3 radical fires in wood framed structures, the latest in NJ was an arson attack that caused over 50 million dollars in loss to someone. Since there is no real fire history on tall mass timber building, consider workers up on the 8th floor of a taller structure, if some how a suspicious fire started on the second floor like in Denver. The mass timber movement and fire engineering and lots of supporters say char will defend advance. M-Fire Holdings Building Expert, says they have not considered how smoke kills before collapse happens like it did in Denver.

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M-Fire Founder met with two Congressman over his Carbon Tax Credit Bill to reward builders that are not willing to subject their workers to fire risk, while they defended the carbon stored in wood. Both Congressman said the lumber giants have been trying to get a carbon tax credit forever, what makes you any different? Conboy explained, how can anyone ever expect a carbon take credit until you defend that carbon from fire that would release it back into the ozone. Both agreed, "wow you are right".

There are 4 key reasons to make all USA Mass Timber buildings Class A with Mold and Water Repellency Protection.
1. Reduce Smoke Development for evacuations during a fire event.
2. Reduce Flame Spread and the chance of Flash Over while you reduce risk and loss.
3. Defend the future interior air quality from Mold
4. Protect the engineering values from Rot caused by weather saturation.

“ Let’s Make American Mass Timber Structures Safer and Better With Additional Applied Science”

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