Mitigating Climate Change Happens When We Embrace Proactive Applied Fire Science.

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Mitigating Climate Change Happens When We Embrace Proactive Applied Fire Science.

January 18, 2020 by Steve Conboy As Wall Street rallies around climate change fear propaganda it seems they can’t see the “Forest Through The Trees” of clean energy advances. In order to be sincere about doing positive things to reverse climate change we have to address more then just clean energy. Things like more reforestation to sequester CO2 and reducing greenhouse gas production by shutting wild fire down faster and defending American Families from the radical loss during wild fires has to be part of the whole resilient sustainable package or it sounds like nothing more than unhealthy politics.

"Can’t see the forest through the trees" is an expression often used of someone or firms that are too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a (WHOLE). These big Wall Street firms are so focused in the (trees) on how they will make money on the climate change fear with energy that they have totally missed the "forest", the big picture part of climate change which supports housing, reforestation that sequesters CO2 and controlling wild fires that last too long and engulf acres all undermine clean energy gains by greenhouse gas production.

From a climate change perspective, the forests play vital roll in supporting positive change because they not only support housing starts and shelter but they draw carbon dioxide from the air and store it. On our over populate planet with a growing need for shelter health reforestation programs provide a relatively low-tech way to help offset greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. When we defend the carbon left behind in the lumber from fire we defend it from being released back into the ozone while we defend greenhouse gas production.

Many forestry scientists are signaling a disturbing trend: That forests across the world could start to burn more, or burn in more devastating fires ultimately contributing a volume of greenhouse gases that could be large enough to further stoke climate change.

As the Wall Street giants like BlackRock make global news claiming they are putting climate-risk analysis at the heart of their investing portfolios and giving a huge boost to sustainable investing, we have to wonder.

Until they begin to invest in new accredited applied fire science that defend homes and families, shut wild fires down faster and support US reforestation, we have to wonder if they are truly sincere about reversing climate change or just using the fear for monetary gains.

Cramer said, he believes Fink’s call to action will help usher in an era where CEOs will be forced to answer questions from boards of directors about sustainability commitments. Cramer also suggested more companies will begin paying executives bonuses for their carbon-footprint reduction, like Clorox already does. “Powerful investors like Fink will insist on knowing what a company’s plan is to address climate change,” Cramer said. “Fund managers will start to sell stocks of those companies that ignore these issues.”

Reducing the use of fossil fuels is only a part of what really needs to be done Now, today, to reduce the impact of climate change for future generations. Today wild fires are our biggest threat, they have hurt more families then anything else says.

All fire retardants, like products sold in Big Box Stores as concentrates, basically anything used by firefighters around homes should be held to a new testing standards. All fire chemistries whether they are foams, gels, dropped from planes, sold in big box retailers as concentrates, or used as proactive fire inhibitors, must have a portfolio of accredited testing to support safety and green for humans and the environment. These fire products mean nothing until they are supported by ASTM E84 extended test along with E119, because these tests eliminate opinions, its all about science facts in ignition, flame spread and smoke index. All chemistry used in fire elimination along with building should only be used when they are supported and certified by UL GreenGuard Gold.

Anything short of these requirements reminds us of the Industrial Revelation when corporations did not care as long as money was being made.

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