Our World Needs To Embrace New Wild Fire Defense Plans And Chemistry

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Our World Needs To Embrace New Wild Fire Defense Plans And Chemistry

January 7, 2019 by Steve Conboy

Australia’s Wildfires Rage That Drought Stricken Area But The Rain Is Not Enough

Rain in Australia could give firefighters enough of an advantage to build containment lines for smaller wildfires, but it won't be enough to make a significant, long-term impact on the flames.

"Any sort of progression that was made yesterday and today might be lost later this week again," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Andy Douty told Newsweek.

Wildfires that have been raging for months claimed thousands of homes and nearly 30 lives since September, and have sparked an international call for help. In 2019, Australia's hot temperatures and prolonged drought conditions broke records and with months left of the summer season, officials warned fires could continue for weeks.

On Monday, parts of the country saw rain and cooler temperatures, bringing some relief to firefighting efforts, but Douty said he was confident that it "definitely" wouldn't be enough to put the flames out. For there to be a long term impact on firefighting efforts, Australia needs multiple "good, soaking rainfalls" that will extinguish the flames and restore moisture to the dry soil.

"I don't think there's any sort of magic number [of inches of rainfall] to put out the fires," Douty said. "It takes time to recover from something like this ... You don't just get one heavy rain and it's gone."

Rainfall between January and August 2019 was the lowest on record in areas of Queensland, New South Wales (NSW), South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, according to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) in Australia. This caused the root-zone soil moisture—the water available to plants—in parts of every Australian state to be below average and even the lowest on record in some areas.

With insufficient water drying out vegetation, effectively creating timber to fuel the flames, the BOM reported Australia was "primed" for dangerous wildfires. The Sanitation Industry Embraced Innovation There Drivers Never Leave The Truck

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Our World Needs To Embrace New Wild Fire Defense Plans And Chemistry Whether Its Arson Attacks Or Climate Change We Need Better Defense Plans And Chemistry This Is Real For Australia And California Now.

All our brave firefighters efforts are never enough when dry hot winds blow fire across dry brush fuel its time we embrace new ways to defend fire ability to advance so easy. The sanitation dyer told me they would never be able to keep up if it was not for there ability to pickup garbage cans without getting out of the trucks.

As we all pray for the Australian people and animals lost in the radical Australia brush fires, it's time to open every door to look at other defense plans and chemistry. Water, more manual labor and planes are not enough. We must embrace engineered fire breaks sprayed with chemistry. In a controlled burn expertise with Ventura County Fire Department we witnessed 50 young firefighters digging fire breaks with hand held hoes when in contrast the day before one man sprayed a fire break that shut the fire down instantly. please see

With all due respect we need new early fire elimination experts involved now.

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