Australia Is On Fire While California Is Now Requiring All New Homes Install Solar Power

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Australia Is On Fire While California Is Now Requiring All New Homes Install Solar Power

December 18, 2019 by Steve Conboy

Until New Clean Fire Inhibitor Chemicals And Proactive Programs Are Embraced All The Clean Energy Efforts Are A Wasted Effort.

Watching Firefighters trying to shut down a fire, as pictured above, with water, just proves how much the world is in desperate need of new wild fire chemistry and proactive programs and systems. With clean chemistry, a Firefighter would not waste time on flames putting himself in harms way and instead spend more time spraying a chemistry fire break out in front.

Australia And California's Climate And Terrains Are Very Similar

 More than 100 bushfires are raging in Australia as the continent swelters under record heat, a double whammy of extremes that has amplified scrutiny of what experts say is stark inaction from the government on climate change.

Blazes across New South Wales and Queensland have scorched almost 7 million acres, and Australia experienced its hottest day on record Wednesday, when the average temperature across the country hit 105 degrees.

The nation's woes are unfolding as Australia faces criticism for what have been described as its inadequate climate policies, including the role of federal officials in thwarting negotiations at a recent U.N. summit on climate change.

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New California code requires all new single-family homes — along with new multifamily residences up to three stories tall, like condominiums — to be constructed with solar panels on their roofs or powered by a larger solar array somewhere else. The rules do not affect existing homes.

Supporters note the new building standards will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and smog statewide and will accelerate California’s leadership role in clean energy. They also note that if homeowners install batteries to store the solar power, they will continue to have electricity even when PG&E and other utilities shut off the power on hot, windy days to reduce the risk of wildfires from falling electrical lines. Every single solar home we build today is one less burden on the planet.” When combined with other new state building codes requiring better insulation and more efficient windows, the amount of energy used by new single-family homes in California will drop 53% compared with the current building codes, according to the California Energy Commission. That’s the same pollution reduction as taking 115,000 cars off the road every three years.

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M-Fire Holdings Locked-N-Loaded Proactive Home Wild Fire Defense Systems sprays safe clean chemical on your roof, landscaping and hillside vegetation to remove hot micro ember and flames that consume your assets better than water. Even when our chemistry is bone dry it's there to defend.

The big environmental difference between our defense application in our home defense is our systems sprays and mists vegetation it's not come dropped in a big mass. This means the per area dilution rate has no negative impact when it's rained on in run off. Our chemistry has ASTM testing of Fir Tree Branches and Class A ASTM E84 extended on lumber to prove we eliminate fires ability to advance when our chemistry is clinging to wood and plant fiber. We also have UL GreenGuard Gold certification making it safe even indoors around children. Our product needs no clean up other then on windows when solids might make the glass a little cloudy. This update just came in to me from Australia today 12-19-2019 Residents down near Bullio have been told to get out. We are on a watch and act level. The crazy part is I have excellent firefighting gear, sprinklers, generators, pumps tanker, and I have to leave. There are no people to Man them to protect the houses. They have over 70 vehicles lined up and waiting for it to come out of the park and cross the Wollondilly River at the edge of Bullio. The greens have much to answer for, Where Bullio in our day was all open grazing land, weeds, fires etc controlled, these nuts returned it to its natural state. It’s now all scrub that wouldn’t run a goat.. If they don’t stop it at Woembeyan Caves Road it will burn half way to Canberra. The Eastern edge of the fire is headed for the coast. Hume hwhy and train lines are closed. So far just this one fire has burned 600,000 acres. The one north of the city 1.2 million. They are not trying to put anything out, just protecting homes. We lost 40 today. Saturday is the real test –it will be 44 degrees. Fran and I will leave if it breaks the containment lines. Done all I can for the house and livestock. Saturday could be bring ur marshmallow times!! So sad that proactive science has not been introduced to wild fire defense yet. Man cannot think that by adding more firefighters with hoses, planes and helicopters can beat the pace of these type of wild fires. Until governments step in and stop letting Fire Officials dictate prevention engineering we will rack up historical losses making things sound like it's the end of our planet. These giant firefighter Unions run the show and until other experts are allowed to have some say they continue rack up lots of loss.

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