I’m Out To Remove The Threat Of Wild Fires In California

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I’m Out To Remove The Threat Of Wild Fires In California

November 21, 2019 by Steve Conboy

Our California Governor laughs while he signs a bill that does nothing to defend California residents in future wild fires. Please read
Until we recognize we are Fighting Wild Fire with old outdated methods and chemistry nothing is going to change other than increase fear propaganda and issuance premium increases. Conboy is ready to respectfully challenge anyone side by side with M-Fire's chemistry even those companies getting paid hundreds and millions of dollars in a side by side applied fire test and data comparison. They control new better chemistry by saying until it has an environmental impact study with their recommended lab that says it's a 200k deposit and could take two years. Actually a study could be done in less then one month. Steve Conboy a National Fire Elimination Expert says, ""until we become proactive with longer lasting fire protection we will never win again wild fires". He has the solution and is ready to be challenged. Please view

This is a worst-possible wildfire scenario for Southern California Please read

Southern California is susceptible to a horrifically gigantic fire disaster like this This nightmare fire is hypothetical, created by a wildfire simulator, a computer model called FSim. Scientists use FSim to figure out extreme scenarios the environment is capable of, using data on historical weather patterns, available fuel on public and private lands, and several other variables.

It doesn’t predict specific wildfire events — that would be impossible, since every wildfire begins with an unpredictable ignition, or spark — but it imagines new fire seasons by recombining what has happened in the past. And every scenario it spits out is within the physical bounds of the possible.

Alan Ager, a researcher at the US Forest Service who studies how to manage wildfire risk on federally managed forests and other lands, found the 1.5 million-acre fire simulation in a database of simulated fires at the Missoula Fire Lab after I asked about the largest possible fire that could hit Southern California. I chose the region because it’s the most densely populated part of the state with very high wildfire hazard, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, or Cal Fire.

FSim estimated that this fire would destroy 82,000 buildings. But Ager said the structural toll would actually be much higher, since the simulator only models the spread of fire into wildlands and calculates the lost buildings on that land.

The simulation, however, clearly shows that the flames could spread to the edges of several towns and cities, including Anza, Palm Springs, and Temecula, where hundreds of thousands of people live.

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