In Order To Save Cali From Wild Fires Change Is Needed Just Like After The North Ridge Quake

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In Order To Save Cali From Wild Fires Change Is Needed Just Like After The North Ridge Quake

October 30, 2019 by Steve Conboy

Ground fuel fires that are consuming our homes when Santa Ana winds show up no longer have to when the cleanest safest fire inhibitor chemistry is available to Cal Fire and all Fire Departments now. Our chemistry is UL GreenGuard Gold certified, safe, leaves no mess and can be sprayed around our evacuated communities to eliminate a wild fires ability to run wild and consume our homes. Ask the Fire Chief at Ventura County Fire Department he recently tried to get dry brush and dead trees to lite with fuel in a controlled burn in Ventura. see video

Cali Residents Need To Start Questioning Local Government Officials About Our Wild Fire Defense Plan And Rally For A Test Regiment To Make Sure That The Best Wild Fire Chemistry Is Being Used Now To Save Our Homes.

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These trucks can hold from 1000 to 4000 gallons and while our brave firefighters are out trying to stall the advance of a wild fire, separate crews are in our communities spraying dead hillsides, homes and everything that looks like easy ignition.

Even after applied and dry to the bone our clean safe chemistry =will not allow any wild fire to advance. It shuts the fire down immediately, by breaking the free radical chain.

We are asking California residents that are being asked to evacuate year after year to send this blog to your Mayor and Pubic Officials and ask them, "why it's not being used now?"

M Fire's Steve Conboy recently spoke to Jeff Rupert, The Director of the Office of Wildland Fire, Jeff told Steve he agreed with everything Steve was saying but the Fed leaves testing and products up to each state to decide what is best.

We are asking California Residents to help Save Cali now and start asking questions about the Wild Fire Program. Why are they not vetting out new chemistry and programs, when what they are using is racking up historical losses? We can not allow this to continue, we need new public testing to see if a new American Innovation can save our homes and our state, before it starts to impact our real estate values. Who would want to live in a state that threatens us now more over wild fire then earthquake.

Cali Residents need to get involved and contact the politicians now. We need better accountability on what chemistry is being used when better is now available. We have tried over and over to get to Thom at Cal Fire and until a Proactive Wild Fire Plan is added we are going to rack up new loss records that could exceed what we lost in 2017-18. We need your help our government has to step in and demand accountability and an open forum to test what is being used verses what could be used to insure we are using the best chemistry to eliminate fires ability to advance.

Get involved! Our state is on fire and something has to be done now. Steve
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Senator Toni Atkins met with Steve and retired So Cal Fire Chief and she knows about this better wild fire chemistry

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