A New Fire Chemistry Can Change The Wild Fire Defense Program In California

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California Governor Gavin Newsom meets with Cal Fire Chief Thom Porter, second from left, California Office of Emergency Services Director Mark Ghilarducciwith,
third from left, and other Cal Fire personnel in Sonoma County during the Kincade Fire response, Friday, Oct. 25, 2019.

M Fire Has Been Seeking A Meeting With Governor Newsom and Thom With Cal Fire

October 26, 2019 by Steve Conboy

Two months ago Governor Newsom put out a notice to the public looking for new ideas to help make PG&E less vulnerable during wild fire storms. He asked everyone to make contact through his attorney. They did not provide the attorneys contact information only her name. We found her as being part of a firm in NYC. We made contact, sent her our Power Pole Armor And Eco Fire Treated Mulch to spray under and around all power equipment so fire would not even get close to power lines and transformers. We never heard back, followed up and still never heard from her.

We have tried to reach Cal Fire Chief Thom Porter for months. We have a retired 26 year So Cal Fire Chief veteran that has left numerous messages for Porter with no return call. This retired Fire Chief has vetted M-Fire Mighty Fire Breaker Proactive Wild Fire solution and is convinced it would really have a positive impact on Cal Fire Wild Fire Program.We are only trying to help.

How do we get to decision makers to just try our clean fire inhibitor chemistry during a wild fire? Our product can be sprayed an hour ahead or a day ahead and dry to the bone clinging to dry vegetation we shut all fire down fast.

We would like to ask Cal Fire to do a side by side test with their best chemical verses ours and lets let the public decide which is better at snuffing out the fire faster. Let’s see who has more testing, which is safer and better for the environment and easier to work with? And which one shuts fire down faster? It’s available now in California, you could have been using it now if you had returned our calls.

There is no longer any need to lose so many homes, Cali's wild fire plan needs a proactive element added to it now. Sometimes when you are too close to the problem we need to let other fire elimination experts in to offer new solutions. M Fire has been proving its chemistry and proactive wild fire program all around the US in Fire Training Centers in front of hundreds of Fire Officials and we would like to prove it now to Chief Porter and Governor Newsom.

We are the first company in the history of building with wood to figure out the safest most cost effective way to defend the entire structure from arson attacks. Yes arsons are burning high density wood framed projects down all around the USA and the old school method of fire treating lumber could never defend and entire structure from the advance of a wild fire. Raw wood structures burn hotter and faster then wild fires. See Video We are also the group that can put lithium battery fires out with safe chemicals, no foam.

If you do not understand that fire on lumber and wild fires have something in common, then you do not understand fire science. Both fires advance on fuels and until you get out in front of the raw fuels you will never stall the advance or either fire. see video

We all owe it to Cali residents to treat wild fires like we did after the North Ridge Quake. Please call a summit with experts like Steve Conboy at M Fire and have everyone including what is being used show up with all the accredited test results so others can decide if we are really using what is best today in wildfires.

Formal Request For A Meeting

This is a formal request calling for Governor Newsom and Chief Thom Porter from Cal Fire to meet M Fires Steve Conboy and other Fire Elimination Experts and lets all decide if we are really using the right products and delivery operations for todays wild fires. How can we ignore that more has to be done if this is our new norm for California residents.

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