PG&E Needs To Be Forced In There BK To Become Wild Fire Resilient

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PG&E Needs To Be Forced In There BK To Become Wild Fire Resilient

October 14, 2019 by Steve Conboy

PG&E shut-offs will continue unless our government steps in on this profit center and forces them to became wild fire resilient, by pruning and fixing weak power lines and spraying Fire Treated Mulch Under and around all transformers and under power lines, so fire gets nowhere near the power we need.

Bay Area is still reeling from the historic Pacific Gas and Electric Co. shut-offs that left about 2 million people without power across Northern California last week. Many fear this could be the new normal. But how this aggressive prevention plan will play out in the future remains to be seen. Here’s what we know: PG&E cut power to 738,000 customers across central and Northern California — an estimated 2 million people — for several days last week in order to prevent its equipment from causing a wildfire. The shut-offs were unprecedented and left communities scrambling for help as they faced rotting food, closed businesses and non-functioning medical equipment.

The consequences were swift — the company’s stock price plummeted and PG&E officials faced thousands of angry customers who questioned the necessity and effectiveness of the shut-offs, particularly as weather conditions improved toward the end of the week. CEO Bill Johnson admitted the utility company was unprepared to carry out such a massive, abrupt shut-off, saying: “Put simply, we were not adequately prepared to support this operational event.”

PG&E officials said they identified 50 confirmed cases of damaged equipment and an additional 100 cases where damage might have been wind-related. In some of the incidents, heavy branches fell onto inactive power lines.

Stop PG&E from their irresponsible decisions. Make them spend the money 12 months out of the year to keep wild fire away from power lines. When M-Fire Fire Treated Mulch is applied under power lines fire cannot advance, even if they fall on a wide fire break.

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