Fire Defense Commentary

The New Tested Proactive Engineered Clean Chemistry Can Defend Rural Towns Is Entering X Prize Competition

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Fire Defense Commentary

The New Tested Proactive Engineered Clean Chemistry Can Defend Rural Towns Is Entering X Prize Competition

July 7, 2019 by Steve Conboy

California has 147 million dead trees. That’s a huge wildfire risk. See Article

Aerial surveys conducted from 2010 to 2018 counted 147 million trees in the Sierra that died from drought and invasive beetles, creating a tinderbox in a large swath of the state that fire officials worry could explode into another devastating wildfire season.

In dry, hot times like these, the record number of decaying ponderosa pines, sugar pines, and other towering species can become kindling for errant sparks, fallen power lines, cigarette butts, and lightning strikes.

The bumper crop of kindling helps explain why this has been the worst year on record for California wildfires. Already, more than 876,000 acres have burned in California, compared to 228,000 last year at the same time. The Mendocino Complex Fire, now almost fully contained at more than 459,000 acres, is the single largest fire on record in state history. The largest fire before that, the Thomas Fire, was just put out in January this year.

"These recent fires have barely made a dent in the glut of dead trees", CalFire says, "and peak fire season in Southern California is still to come later this year".

The die-off, meanwhile, that’s created so much fuel is a symptom of the years-long drought that has parched the Western United States. With limited water, trees have shriveled up or succumbed to bark beetle infestations, with some of the most severe declines in central California. And as the climate warms and more people move into high-risk areas, the damages from wildfires are projected to increase.

Mighty Fire Breaker Proven Tested Proactive Wild Fire Chemistry And Plan can defend rural towns and exit roadways from wild fire now. This new American clean chemistry does not need to wait for a fire to react it can be sprayed ahead of risky rural towns and roadways to insure we-are saving lives and homes in and around dead forests and dry hillside full of fuel. This clean chemistry is UL GreenGuard Gold certified like no other chemistry being used. This new clean chemistry has more accredited laboratory testing then anything being used. This new clean chemistry has been testing in over 10 fire training centers in from of hundreds of fire officials. If its not embraced to save when everything that we have been using is racking up historical losses something is wrong with the system. Just recently in June 2019 it was tested by Ventura and Malibu Fire Chiefs and it amazed them as the Fire Chiefs told M Fire President Cal Trans should use it now. See Video

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