Maybe Oregon Will Embrace The Best Engineered Proactive Wild Fire Defense Before California Because Threats Have To Be Stopped And Our Brave Fire Fighters Need Better Now.

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Maybe Oregon Will Embrace The Best Engineered Proactive Wild Fire Defense Before California Because Threats Have To Be Stopped And Our Brave Fire Fighters Need Better Now.

June 5, 2019 by Steve Conboy

A great eye opening story by The Statesman Journal maybe Oregon will embrace the newest best engineered proactive wild fire defense program and chemistry on th explanation today.Please read article

A small number of Oregon cities and towns have an outsize danger of being impacted by wildfire, according to a study that identifies the state's 50 communities most at risk to forest fires.

Communities around the Rogue Valley in Southwest Oregon and towns near Bend in Central Oregon have a disproportionally high chance of seeing home destruction from wildfire compared to the rest of the state.

“Oregon’s exposure to wildfire is very focused in a few areas,” said Richard Stratton, a fire analyst with the U.S. Forest Service who co-authored the study with Pyrologix, a Montana-based wildfire threat assessment firm.

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Researchers used factors such as historical wildfire size and ignition location, fuels, weather and terrain. Authors fed that information into a computer to model millions of fires over thousands of artificial seasons to develop a burn probability that, combined with housing data, identified the 50 communities most at risk.

“Just because a community is on this list doesn’t mean it will be destroyed — we’re not saying that at all,” Stratton said. “We’re saying: ‘These are the areas with the highest probability of being impacted by a wildfire, where homes are most susceptible. Now, what should we do about it?’”

The results won’t come as a shock to anyone following wildfires the past two seasons. Southwest Oregon, where wildfires have raged the last two years, had the most communities at risk.

The top three communities listed — and 16 of the top 25 — were all near the Rogue and Illinois valleys. All totaled, Medford, Grants Pass, Ashland and the smaller surrounding towns had more than 105,000 housing units exposed to wildfire.

“It just comes down to the fact that we have a lot of densely packed homes in the forest and the urban-wildland interface,” said Tyler Averyt, Firewise coordinator for the Oregon Department of Forestry in Grants Pass.

The second region most at risk is Bend and Central Oregon. Bend was ranked fourth with 41,321 homes exposed to wildfire while Redmond came in seventh.

The city most likely to be hit by a wildfire is actually Warm Springs, but it was ranked fifth on the list because of the small number of homes exposed.

A retired Fire Chief has vetted M Fire wild fire elimination and is now endorsing it to a Senator in California as the only chance they have to stall wild fires advances that are driven by wind and dry fuels because there plane drops and gels and useless with a boat load of historical loss.

This video was created last week with the Ventura and Malibu Fire departments and the retired So Cal Fire Chief taking me into his friend Senator Atkins just told me they do not stand a chance anywhere until they embrace your chemistry. This Fire Chief has me in a meeting with Senator Atkins on 6-21 saying she is a power house in Sacramento. See video

This Fire Chief will tell this Senator and the Governor there is no other way to stop wild fires without using Conboy’s chemistry out in front of what is burning he has proven it to me over and over in demos and just last week he proved it again to my friends at Ventura and Malibu Fire Departments.

M-Fire Founder Steve Conboy is ready to prove to Oregon Fire Officials that this new clean fire inhibitor will out preform anything they have ever seen or used. He will also prove he has more ASTM testing and how its safer and more environmentally friendly then what they are using and it can be blending in high volume in Bend Oregon now at Mid Columbia Lumber.

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M-Fire's Clean Fire Inhibitor Chemistry Is Blended Here In Cali and Ready to Save Cali from the advance of any wild fire. This UL GreenGuard Gold Chemistry is safe around children. It’s environmentally friendly and has been witnessed by hundreds of Firefighters eliminate all fires advance across the USA In Fire Training Centers Controlled Burns.

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