The MFI Resilient Movement Is Out To Make Floors Safer For Our Brave Fire Fighters In Rescue

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The MFI Resilient Movement Is Out To Make Floors Safer For Our Brave Fire Fighters In Rescue

March 12, 2019 by Steve Conboy

Godfrey Fire Department Capt. Jacob “Jake” Ringering died from the injuries he received when a portion of the brick structure at 4604 Culp Lane, Bethalto, collapsed while he and other crew members were fighting the blaze.

We are not clear when this story says Captain Jacob died in this brick structure other than the possibility that the floor system was built with engineered lumber or trusses that have been proven to collapse faster than the floors of old built with solid 2x12. The I-joists fail in fire very fast because the thin OSB burns rapidly collapsing on firefighters during rescue, whereas MFI Class A Safe Joist give firefighters more time in their rescue attempts.

The cost to use solid Class A treated joist verses I joist is the same and the argument that I-joists come in long lengths is no longer an issue. MFI Class A Fire Safe Joist come 48’ long for less waste and they are kiln dried with no crown and little wane. No more excuses, it’s time builders make floors safer for brave Fire Fighters in honor of Captain Jacob and all the others that have died in rapid floor collapses.

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Two other injured fire fighters were treated at St. Louis area hospitals and released. They have not been identified by police or their fire departments.

Firefighter Luke Warner was taken to a St. Louis hospital by helicopter and is in stable condition, a press release on the Godfrey Fire Department’s website said. A fire department official said Ringering is married and has three young children. He has worked with the department since 2010.

The Madison County Sheriff’s office received a call to the fire Tuesday at approximately 4:16 p.m. The sheriff’s department dispatched the Fosterburg Fire Department to the scene, Madison County Sheriff’s Capt. T. Mike Dixon said.

Fosterburg requested mutual aid from the Bethalto, Cottage Hills, Brighton, Dorsey and Godfrey Fire Departments. While fire crews were fighting the blaze, a portion of the structure collapsed. Four fire fighters were injured. Alton Memorial Ambulance, Lifestar Ambulance and Survival Flight Helicopter were used to transport the injured firefighters to St. Louis area hospitals. Please read

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