USA Extreme Weather Causing Huge Problems with Mud Slides And Saturated Wood For Builders

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USA Extreme Weather Causing Huge Problems with Mud Slides And Saturated Wood For Builders

March 7, 2019 by Steve Conboy

MFI is out to defend builders from wet wood suppliers that are delivering wet wood and not defending it for the builders as it sits around on job sites. The supply chain starts with the producer and they defend themselves in there technicals. It's starts to break down from there on whether is the lumber yard/broker or the framers testing wrap and leaving it not stapled back. Builders should not be held responsible until it’s up and in the building at 19% or less. When lumber is being placed in the building at 30% to 50% moisture content, they are subjecting the builder to radical dry down delays if a building official pulls out the moisture meter to apply the code to the builder.

California May have needed water to fill reservoirs but it created big problems for areas hit hard by wild fires with mud slides and big problems for builders with soaking wet wood.

LOS ANGELES — A storm soaking California on Wednesday could trigger mudslides in wildfire burn areas where thousands of residents are under evacuation orders, authorities warned. Up to 4 inches (10 centimeters) of rain is expected along the Central Coast, and amounts could be higher in areas where thunderstorms develop, the National Weather Service said.

The weather service issued a flash-flood watch through Wednesday for all burn areas in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties. However, the storm is expected to weaken slightly as it moves south toward greater Los Angeles, forecasters said.

To the north, heavy snowfall and high winds are predicted for the Sierra Nevada, where a series of blizzards has dumped mountains of snow. Motorists are warned that low visibility could impede travel on mountain passes.

The wettest winter in years has nearly eliminated drought conditions in the state. While frequently disrupting travel, the storms contributed a big part of the state's water supply — the Sierra snowpack that melts and runs off into reservoirs during spring and summer.

The California Department of Water Resources reported last month that the Sierra snowpack was 153 percent of average to date.

The California Green Building Standards Code requires that the individual responsible for the construction of newly constructed low-rise residential buildings verify that the wood framing members used do not exceed 19% moisture content. Please review the following and submit this completed form to your City Building Inspector prior to the framing inspection:

I have verified that the moisture content of framing members within the building identified on this form does not exceed 19%. Verification has been performed as follows:

1) A probe-type or contact-type moisture meter was used to verify the moisture content of the lumber in the building. 2) At least three random readings per room per floor on wall and floor framing members are recorded. 3) Moisture readings were taken at a point 2 feet to 4 feet from the grade stamped end of each piece to be verified.

This is national supply chain breakdown coast to coast that needs to be fixed because it’s our builders that need to be protected from lumber brokers and pre-fab shops that are not defending lumber from rain and snow before it arrives on the job site, as well as when it sits onsite.

MFire is an advocate for our Renewable Sustainable Resource lumber when it comes to meeting the demands for housing starts with lumber that sequesters CO2. The supply chain wet wood syndrome is only going to feed the concrete and steel carbon producers negative propaganda campaigns, as they do over all the arson attacks.

All the solutions to defend lumber from extreme wetting are readily available now to builders. Our Mighty Fire Breaker Program Defends builders from arson attacks of which we have had 5 so far this year and over 20 last year. Our Mighty Mold Defender Program for Builders is very cost effective if the lumber in Buildings is 19% or less per the manufactures specs and the building code. If you are dealing with saturated wood syndrome start drying down now and hire someone to add biocides to all the lumber or you could end up with SBS. Be careful of any mold companies or products that are polymere based with biocides they can cause hydroscopic problems.

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