Dear Miss Cortez

Dear Miss Cortez

February 14, 2019 by Steve Conboy

Miss Cortez,

I want to explain what people and architects are trying to get from a Green New Deal, and also present my more logical plan, which is not full of political confusion and fear propaganda.

We all know why the talk of a Green New Deal has picked up since November’s elections. It’s a political plan to gain misinformed young voters with the fear of climate change. It is not real, but agenda based.

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I’m sorry that you would put your whole reputation on the line with such a far out plan. I’m not attacking you personally, it’s just so clear that you are very misinformed like so many others. I’m going to explain a real plan based on science, testing, and truth. My hope is to help you find some real solutions based on resilience first.

Generally speaking, you are now an activist calling for the wholesale decarbonization of the US, the large-scale federal deployment of new public works projects, and the incorporation of socially just economic practices. My plan can right now state that it’s logical, cost effective, and supported by resilient building to lower the risk of loss, all while we defend carbon and reduce greenhouse gas. My plan educates thousands of Architects and Builders and is positive, not fear based. See Greence Article

Hundreds of Northern California wildfire victims are desperate for housing and are now living in recreational vehicles on their burned-out lots. These victims were ordered off their properties Monday and federal authorities threaten to cut funding for the state’s biggest natural disaster cleanup.
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Steve Conboy has spoken at the United Nations about factory built resilient housing in order to create jobs in this labor shortage. He is now calling for a new Government Resilient Wild Fire Summit to help defend our nations expense for future loss.

Please join us to call for a Wild Fire Summit. We will include all families that lost their love ones and homes in recent wildfires among the new green climate science.

Conboy agrees that fossil fuels lead in carbon emissions over wild fires but we still have to eliminate wild fires faster as the greenhouse gas they create destroys our gains clean energy makes. We need to promote the positive of how shale oil and gas are making the U.S. a net exporter of energy for the first time in more than 50 years. Yet, even as oil and gas production is surging, wind and solar power capacity growth is frequently outpacing that of new fossil fuel plants. This is a good sustainable reality that helps us to offset the increase in population on this planet.

Now,) we must also embrace new Applied Science to eliminate Wild Fires and the Greenhouse Gas they produce faster or all gains are lost each year. Carbon Neutral has a place in history but today we have to make resilient our priority. Part of building resilient we have the added value when we fire defend lumber that is full of carbon.

Wildfires emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that will continue to warm the planet well into the future. They damage forests that would otherwise remove CO2 from the air. They inject soot and other aerosols into the atmosphere, with complex effects on warming and cooling.
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The New Green New Deal mentions nothing about the thousands of American homes lost alongside lives during wild fires. We feel this is a grave over-site to even consider a green machine movement before we rebuild for all the families that have lost it all in wild fires and floods.

Your resolution calls for the creation of a Green New Deal with the goals listed below. Mr. Conboy’s deal has a quick impact on defending the carbon sequestered in lumber, lowering greenhouse emissions, rebuilding resilient to lower the governments loss exposure. When you put it all together, it has a faster and greater impact on climate change.

  • AOC Plan: achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.
  • MC Plan: Defends Carbon Storage and greenhouse gas production faster

  • AOC Plan: establishing millions of high-wage jobs and ensuring economic security for all.
  • MC Plan: create factory jobs quicker to help offset the labor shortage.

  • AOC Plan: invest in infrastructure and industry.
  • MC Plan: invest in resilient building that defend homes from wild fires and floods now.

  • AOC Plan: secure clean air and water, climate and community resiliency, healthy food, access to nature, and a sustainable environment for all.
  • MC Plan: produce cleaner chemistry to defend ground water from all the toxins that wild fires are producing.

  • AOC Plan: promote justice and equality.
  • MC Plan: set up resilient pre-fab housing factories to teach young folks a trade; for those born in co-op housing projects that never had a chance to get out.

  • The AOC resolution plan calls for accomplishment of these goals through a 10-year national mobilization effort. The resolution also enumerates the goals and projects of the mobilization effort, including:

  • AOC Plan: building smart power grids (i.e., power grids that enable customers to reduce their power use during peak demand periods).
  • MC Plan: promote clean energy growth alongside our fossil fuel dependency in order to help offset the increase in population. We meet the demands for housing with defended carbon storage banks.

  • AOC Plan: upgrading all existing buildings and constructing new buildings to achieve maximum energy and water efficiency.
  • MC Plan: if you truly believe in climate change, resilient building and retro fitting would be high on your list of priorities.

  • AOC Plan: removing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation and agricultural sectors.
  • MC Plan: our radical wild fires need a new defense plan. They not only undermine the gains clean energy make, they are also destroying water. Defending wild fires should be our highest priority.

  • AOC Plan: cleaning up existing hazardous waste and abandoned sites.
  • MC Plan: agrees, but only after our government calls a wild fire summit to embrace experts and new plans.

  • AOC Plan: ensuring businesspersons are free from unfair competition.
  • MC Plan: agrees

  • AOC Plan: providing higher education, high-quality health care, and affordable, safe, and adequate housing to all.
  • MC Plan: create resilient Pre-Fab shops in cities where the young need jobs, instead of free money, to help offset our labor shortage.

Miss Cortez,

I implore you to consider what I’m saying and re- prioritize with me now in a bipartisan effort to promote the following Applied Science readily available to all our national builders. Join me to lower our government loss exposure, and defend the carbon stored in lumber to create carbon storage banks.

My White Papers and test results are all ready to promote the following now.
* Clean Fire Inhibitor to eliminate Wild Fire faster and defend us from excessive Greenhouse Gas.

* Amend the 45Q carbon tax credit to include fire defended renewable sustainable lumber buildings as giant carbon storage banks.

* Create Government supported pre-fab housing factories that teach trades to young adults born in co-op housing. Help support our onsite radical labor shortage with fire and flood resilient technologies supported by green laboratory test results. Keep more American factory jobs, as Canada lines our borders with pre-fab factories to avoid the soft wood tariff. Create jobs in the U.S. that support our carbon collecting reforestation programs.

* Create a government supported wild fire resilient, retro fitted program to defend American Homes and families from even more wild fire loss, using the best wild fire resilient technology on the planet today.

* Promote Fire Defended Mass Timber CLT high rises which will lower our dependency on imported carbon producing steel for housing, thus producing carbon defended storage banks.

I’m ready to meet you to prove that all my accredited science is available now. My goal is to have an immediate positive impact on climate change in 2019.

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Miss Cortez I hope you agree to re prioritize your aggressive Green Machine and put resilient first.

Thanks Steve

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