USA Builders Are Fighting Back Against The Labor Shortage And Arson Attacks To Support Our Economy And Housing Starts

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USA Builders Are Fighting Back Against The Labor Shortage And Arson Attacks To Support Our Economy And Housing Starts

January 20, 2019 by Steve Conboy

M-Fire GM at our new MHA automated pre-fabrication factory in Nor Cal. This is just another huge and amazing pre-fab wall factory supported by more foreign investors to create factory worker jobs here in America. The factory supports the labor shortage recovery with the need for less labor on site.

Our hats are off to the great builders that have been fighting an uphill battle against this brutal labor shortage and all the high density housing arson attacks. Our economy needs our builders to keep up with the housing starts and demands in order to support and keep this robust economy moving.

As some economists have been noting for the last few years that some builders aren’t able to meet timetables or can’t finish jobs because of the shortages our builders and investors have been working behind the scenes to build new pre fabrication factories all around the US to lower the need for as much labor on site.

This is great for factory type job creation in the US because for years much of the pre fab walls came across the border from Canada. Now that their lumber is no longer cheaper, it is good for our lumber mills that support our American Reforestation Programs.

Plenty of off shore money coming to the robust USA economy to invest in American factories...

Off Shore SoftBank pours $865 million into Katerra, a start-up making buildings in a factory.

SoftBank Vision Fund is leading another out-sized equity funding round, this time pouring $865 million into Katerra, a high-tech construction company.

Only just three years old, Katerra was co-founded by Chairman Michael Marks, who was previously the CEO of Flextronics and the interim CEO of Tesla, along with Fritz H. Wolff, the executive chairman of real estate investors The Wolff Co.

Now Katerra has 1,300 employees, including 100 architects, and essentially makes buildings in factories. As our builders are supporting pre fab factories to lower their set back labor shortage on job site, some great builders are also stirring the insurance industry risk management teams by embracing the new best fire elimination defense to defend them from arson attacks.

The entire building industry is rapidly changing never to go back to what it once was. Factory Built Stick Framed and Mass Timber all ready to fire defend 100 percent of the interior lumber once the insurance industry catches up to lower risk premiums because the fire defended building have less risk of loss and they are safer to work in.

Now we need the government to step in on all FEMA supported wild fire rebuilds so they have less risk of future loss if the fire defend all the lumber.

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