President Trump Is Right Folks Because The Reactive Wild Fire Program Is Not Working Just Add Up The Homes Lost In The 2017 & 2018

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President Trump Is Right Folks Because The Reactive Wild Fire Program Is Not Working Just Add Up The Homes Lost In The 2017 & 2018

January 12, 2019 by Steve Conboy

President Trump May have said it wrong, however, his business instincts are spot on. The US wild fire plan is defective and a sink hole until new experts are heard and a new plan is established. Those who are running the show have racked up enough loss. Any one else running the business of wild fire defense with these records would be replaced. We are saying let Cal Fire and all the firefighters do what they do out in the forest fires and in rescue, but hire private sector experts in to implement the New 3 Step Proactive Wild Fire Defense Plan Now.

According to Verisk’s 2017 Wildfire Risk Analysis, 4.5 million U.S. homes were identified at high or extreme risk of wildfire, with more than 2 million in California alone.

Collectively, the Camp, Woolsey and Hill fires destroyed 19,000 homes and businesses. The Camp Fire in Northern California has claimed 86 lives so far, making it the nation's deadliest wildfire in a century.

Nov 1, 2018· One fire, the Tubbs Fire, became the most destructive wildfire in the state's history, killing 22 people and destroying 5,643 structures. With losses over $10 billion, the 2017 October Fire Siege produced the highest damage total in the past 10 years and the second-highest in NFPA's records of U.S. fires.

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Who keeps the audited quality assurance records on the blending mixture? How do we know it’s not over diluted?

They say this red fire retardant is 85 percent water, 10 percent fertilizer and 5 percent minor ingredients such as colorants, anti-corrosive material, thickeners (clay or natural gum), stabilizers and bactericides, according to the USFS public affairs specialist Jennifer Jones. Most agree that the chemical is not harmful — at least not to humans and other mammals — even though it can cause quite a mess. However, studies show it may be lethal to aquatic life in lakes, creeks or rivers and scientists more recently are concerned about lingering effects of retardant on trees and chaparral during the current drought, which has made scarce the cleansing rains that can wash the chemicals away.

One of the 3 steps to a new plan could save more homes than this red retardant add the other 2 and we beat all dry brush wild fires with less people and less government resources.

Retro fitting all the thousands of homes that today have a design flaw with attic rat screens and crawl space ventilation screens. This would save more homes than dropping millions of gallons of red fire retardants.

Adding M-Fire's 3 steps will save homes and lives next year.

1) Add a certified retro fit program to all attic and crawl space rat screen with a new tight metal screen over the rat screen so there is double knock down Ember defense.

2) Add Class A Metal Pole Armor to all dry wood power poles inside all California communities.

3) Add a new proactive ground asphalt vehicle spray program with AF31 to be sprayed in and around homes and communities to stop the advance on dry ground fuels even when the clean chemistry is dry to the bone clinging to dead grass and vegetation.

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Gable End Vents on thousands of California Houses are causing historical wild fire loss, until they are retro-fitted, these homes are subject to radical wild fire loss.

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This is typical soffit vents that allow hot micro embers into combustible crawl and attic spaces during wild fires

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Soffit vents are worse than gable vents because wind driven hot micro embers have no place to go other than right into the hot attic

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Hot micro embers driven by winds and fire energy can travel a long distances when humidity is low.

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