M-Fire Suppression Scaling And Defending With APP Recording Fire Defended Wood Framing

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The Steel Workers Promote Negative Propaganda As M Fire Defends Builders and the Lumber from what they call cheap How Technology Start UPS Are Out To Save Lives In The Property And Construction Sector

M-Fire Suppression Scaling And Defending With APP Recording Fire Defended Wood Framing

January 10, 2019 by Steve Conboy

M-Fire is the only company in the building industry today that is recording fire defended lumber data in real time to support safer measures for our brave Fire Fighters. M-Fire is now recognized by the insurance industry as best practices for lowering risk of loss and litigation and most recently acknowledged at the IRMI Risk Conference as the fire eliminator chemistry inside the award winners Fire Elimination Plan. please read

Construction has a major problem: every year, construction sites suffer $11 billion in losses due to damage from fire, water, worker accidents, and theft. In addition, a fifth of all worker deaths in the U.S. – nearly 1,000 in 2016 alone – occur on construction sites.

As Risktech matures, it is anticipated that the impact will be enormous. Eliminating the four leading causes of construction worker deaths (fall, struck by object, electrocution, caught between equipment) would save over 600 lives per year and countless career-ending injuries. Reducing the frequency and severity of accidents on construction sites would help more projects stay on time, on budget and with higher profitability. Reducing losses by a few percentage points across a $1.2 trillion industry could make a huge impact as well as saving lives.

M-Fire is the first company in the building industry to fire defend all the interior lumber from fire. The unprotected raw lumber, has often been the culprit in high density apartments that destroys an entire project. A small fire in one room can accelerate faster than fire trucks can arrive on site to defend. To date, firefighters do not go in unoccupied buildings, they show up to defend the neighboring building not the building itself. M-Fire APP is hoping to change that. With our app, a Fire Chief has real data showing why the fire is struggling to advance because the data tells him it’s been fire defended.

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